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cheap labor
cheap labour
relatively cheap
very cheap

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Washington Post
· Hints From Heloise: Sausage patties can create a sticky situation  
It's cheaper to make my own patties than to buy pre-sliced.
· Flight secrets: Disgusting reason you should always carry your own travel blanket  
“It depends on how cheap the airline is, but I’ve had my share seeing them refolding the blankets for the passengers on the next flight to use.
· Save over £500 on the best laptops from Dell  
Unfortunately, the best devices don't come cheap.
· Asia's garment workers say virus used as cover to smash unions  
- Fast fashion, cheap wages -
· 'Hunger crimes' on the rise in crisis-hit Lebanon  
The price of a relatively cheap brand of diapers has shot up from 15,000 Lebanese pounds ($10 at the official rate) to 34,000 pounds ($23) per pack.
· Adam Neumann is back in the shared economy business with an investment in GoTo Global  
We understand that although on one hand shared transport may not seem to be the safest solution, on the other hand it is perceived as a safer option than a public transport and it is definitely a much cheaper option than an owned car.”
· Mrs Hinch fan shares 'dust free' cleaning hack using one unusual product  
DON'T MISS:Cleaning: Top ways to protect your home workspace from coronavirusCleaning: How to properly clean and sanitise your reusable face maskCleaning: Mrs Hinch shares clever blind hack with these 3 cheap products
The Age
· 'Candy' bars and a tech neck cure: Gwyneth Paltrow's guide to lockdown  
Sure, there are cheaper options on the list.
Seeking Alpha
· Warren Buffett Is Buying Pipelines. Should You?  
I don't have $10 billion to plow into cheap pipelines these days, and I'm betting you don't either.
Seeking Alpha
· Apple: China's Q3 FY2020 iPhone Sales Show Possible Cannibalization  
This is doubly interesting because it includes not just the effect of the coronavirus recovery in China, but also the effect of the much cheaper iPhone SE being available in China since April 15, 2020.