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cheap labor Trabajo barato
cheap labour Mano de obra barata
relatively cheap Relativamente barato
very cheap Muy barato

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Seeking Alpha
· Capturing The Ups And Downs In Coronavirus Equity Markets  
Since 2013, Min Vol stocks have not been this cheap, and Growth has not been more expensive.
Seeking Alpha
· Amazon roundup: Deliveroo stake approved, Sweden launch announced  
Now read: Amazon: Still A High Growth Company, Still Cheap »
Washington Post
· Vaccine Confronts Humanity With Next Moral Test  
In the case of AIDS, experimental treatments were assessed in Africa, where testing was cheaper, but the treatments then went to developed countries.
· Fixed contracts would help seasonal workers, say experts  
Dutch fruit and veg farmers rely on cheap labour from abroad.
Seeking Alpha
· 2 REITs That Could Triple In The Recovery  
The last time they were so cheap, they nearly quadrupled investor’s money in the following two years:
The New York Times
· 5 Things You Need to Upgrade Your Tiny Outdoor Space  
If, on the other hand, you just need a flat surface on which to balance your laptop or papers while working outside, a lap desk is a cheap, portable option.
· Gucci, Jimmy Choo Do Luxury Version of Walmart Curbside Pickup  
Patrons don’t want the experience to feel too transactional or cheap.
The Age
· It's time to cash in on lower wholesale electricity prices  
Do nothing for two years and you might get one year of cheap electricity and then another that is far more expensive.
Seeking Alpha
· British American Tobacco Malaysia: Structural Headwinds Persist  
As value-for-money brands and products are cheaper, they are more competitive in competing for market share with illegal cigarettes.
Washington Post
· The Health 202: Trump keeps missing his own deadlines for a 'tremendous' health care plan  
So Trump tried to salvage the situation by issuing three executive orders aimed at expanding the availability of insurance plans that were exempt from some of Obamacare's coverage requirements, and sometimes cheaper as a result.