Cheap trong tin tức

Ví dụ collocations

cheap labor Lao động gia rẻ, nhân công gia rẻ
cheap labour Lao động giá rẻ
relatively cheap Tương đối rẻ
very cheap Rất rẻ

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Seeking Alpha
· Lockheed Martin's Dividend Is Awesome And Will Grow  
Another concern is that Russia's S-400 air defense system might be superior or at least comparable to Lockheed's THAAD missile system, but at a much cheaper price.
The China Post
· Turkish currency hits all-time law amid market jitters  
The drop is in part fueled by high inflation, a wide current account deficit and the government’s push for cheap credit to drive the economy that was already fragile before the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Wall Street Journal
· Turkish Lira Hits Record Low, Spurring Expectations of Rate Rise  
Demand for imports has risen lately as President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s administration sought to offer cheap credit to homes and businesses to restart the economic recovery.
Seeking Alpha
· Energy Recovery's VorTeq - A Game Changer For The Fracking Industry  
Solution is VorTeq 3.0 - replacing the expensive pumps needed in current environment with considerably cheaper and more efficient centrifugal pumps.
· Check your biases at the door  
You’ll see that 2020 prices (in black) are near the bottom of the picture – very cheap relative to history.
Seeking Alpha
· August 2020 Stocks - Financials, Real Estate, Industrials, IT And Pharma  
CVS is cheaper in terms of current multiples, but BMY scores a better three-year forward PEG ratio, indicating a higher earnings expansion than CVS.
Seeking Alpha
· The Future Is Faster Than You Think (Book Review)  
Today, Illumina's latest generation sequencer can do that in an hour and for $100 - or 6,480 times faster and a million times cheaper.
The Wall Street Journal
· People Are Flying Again—But Only for Cheap Vacations  
The answer coming from Europe seems to be “yes”—but only to go on a cheap vacation.
Seeking Alpha
· Apple - Torn Between Overextended Valuation And Stunning Results  
In my last article on Seeking Alpha I wrote that Alphabet (GOOGL; GOOG) reminds me very much of Apple at the beginning of the year 2018 when the company was struggling with declining sales and an increasingly saturated market so that the company was incredibly cheap valued with a P/E ratio of just around 10.