Haberlerde Chest

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across the chest Göğsün karşısında
chest pain Göğüs ağrısı
chest pains Gögüs ağrıları
chest wall Göğsüs kafesi
treasure chest Hazine sandığı

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The Age
· If you want seriously toned abs, stop doing sit-ups  
Kneeling Pallof pressKneel with your shoulder facing a cable machine, and the pulley set to chest height.
The Guardian
· Putin says Russia past peak of outbreak despite highest daily death toll – as it happened  
“To hold her to my chest was so emotional,” she said.
Malay Mail
· Bayern's Mueller turns on charm in English as Bundesliga woos world  
With the ball perhaps not our best, but with our heart and that's the most important thing,” said Mueller, tapping his chest.
· Questions about COVID-19 test accuracy raised across the testing spectrum  
She had extreme fatigue and a burning sensation in her chest.
The New York Times
· 12 Restaurants America Loves. With Recipes!  
“We build up a war chest over the summer, and use it to pay off debt for the rest of the year.”
The New York Times
· After the Coronavirus, Don't Forget the Paramedics  
The chest compressions, positive-pressure ventilations, oxygenation and advanced airway insertion required in these cases can expel droplets of the coronavirus from the lungs into the air.
The Independent
· 'Stigmatising and humiliating': Transgender man sues Virginia school board for banning him from male bathrooms  
In 2016, when he was in 12th grade, former Gloucester County School student, Gavin Grimm, underwent chest reconstruction surgery and hormone therapy, in addition to obtaining a court order and birth certificate that declared his sex is male.
The China Post
· What are the symptoms of COVID-19?  
Anyone experiencing difficulty breathing or pain or pressure in the chest should seek immediate emergency medical care.
The Independent
· Chicago shootings: City has deadliest Memorial Day weekend since 2015  
On Sunday afternoon, a man sitting in a vehicle in an alley was shot in the face and chest after someone walked up and began firing on him.
The New York Times
· Tony Shalhoub and Other Celebrities, Athletes and Politicians With Coronavirus  
“It was like an elephant sitting on my chest,” he said.