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Пример словосочетания

chief engineer Главный инженер
chief executive Исполнительный директор
chief executive officer Директор компании
chief minister Главный министр
chief of staff Начальник штаба

Публикации и примеры предложений
Seeking Alpha
· Como, Inc. (DOMO) CEO Josh James on Q1 2021 Results - Earnings Call  
Julie Keno - Chief Communications Officer  Copy example sentence
· Sweden's ex-ambassador to China goes on trial  
Lindstedt -- a veteran envoy who had previously represented Sweden in both Vietnam and Mexico, and acted as Sweden's chief negotiator at the 2015 climate summit in Paris -- has denied the charges against her.  Copy example sentence
The New York Times
· N.H.L. Will Open Practice Rinks Next Week  
First, “start at no more than 50 percent of the exercise you were doing before Covid,” says Dr. Monica Rho, the chief of musculoskeletal medicine at the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab in Chicago.  Copy example sentence
Seeking Alpha
· Broadcom Inc. (AVGO) CEO Hock Tan on Q2 2020 Results - Earnings Call Transcript  
Hock Tan - President and Chief Executive Officer  Copy example sentence
The New York Times
· What We Know About the Shooting Death of Ahmaud Arbery  
The Georgia court system has declared that a grand jury can’t be impaneled due to the coronavirus until after June 12, and that that stay could be extended at the discretion of the chief justice of the State Supreme Court if the pandemic continues to linger.  Copy example sentence
The Japan Times
· Time is right for an anti-China coalition  
The May 31 article “India's ‘pride’ will be defended in new China border flare-up, defense chief says” presents a very clear picture of the Indo-Chinese border in a neutral way.  Copy example sentence
The Age
· 'Changing of the guard': Kogan worth as much as Myer, DJs combined  
The company's founder and chief executive Ruslan Kogan believes the COVID-19 crisis has accelerated his long-held belief that e-commerce would be the future of Australian retail, warning bricks and mortar retailers could be left behind.  Copy example sentence
Malay Mail
· Authors pull study flagging hydroxychloroquine risks  
Vascular surgeon Sapan Desai, Surgisphere’s chief executive and the paper’s other author, did not join the retraction and declined to comment to AFP.  Copy example sentence
Malay Mail
· Stronger demand lifts ringgit in early session  
In a note, AmBank Group chief economist/head of research, Anthony Dass said the greenback has been under heavy pressure since the start of the month and it is now threatening to extend the downtrend with many countries began relaxing lockdowns, which has helped push crude oil prices to the best month on record.  Copy example sentence
The Age
· A rock and a hard place: Rennie's $1m contract under scrutiny  
Robbie Deans endured the worst but, five years later, sections of the rugby establishment held former chief executive Raelene Castle's nationality against her from the start.  Copy example sentence