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claim against Иск против
claim to fame Призван прославиться
laid claim Предъявленный иск
not claim Не претендовать
sources claim Источники утверждают

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The Pattaya News
· Decision to drop prior charges relating to 2012 hit and run against Vorayuth Yoovidhya proposed to be re-examined, additional charges regarding cocaine proposed to be filed  
Additionally, the committee stated that due to cocaine reportedly found in the system of Vorayuth “Boss” Yoovidhya, (which some law enforcement initially claimed was due to dental procedures, which turned out to be incorrect) new charges regarding investigating this offense under the Narcotics Act would also be proposed to be filed to the Office of the Attorney General.
The Japan Times
· South Korean court moves closer to sale of Japanese steel-maker assets  
Japan has taken the position that the issue of claims stemming from its 1910-1945 colonial rule of the Korean Peninsula has been settled under a bilateral accord signed alongside a 1965 treaty that established diplomatic ties.
Financial Express
· Eli Lilly tests antibody drug to halt COVID-19 spread in US nursing homes  
The elderly are at particularly high risk for the disease that has claimed more than 690,000 lives globally.
Seeking Alpha
· EUR/CAD Could Break Above 1.60, Invalidating Its Long-Term Bearish Trend  
CAD FX reserves among central banks and other major institutions were much lower in Q1 2020 at $195.13 billion, down from $208.64 billion in Q1 2019, while claims in U.S. dollars were $6,794.91 billion; i.e., USD reserves were 35x the size versus CAD reserves.)
Malay Mail
· Actress Maya Karin saddened by decision to shut popular grilled burger business she started during MCO  
The 41-year-old revealed she had to shut down the thriving business for good, claiming there were those who were taking advantage of its popularity, Berita Harian reported.
· Donald Trump vows US coronavirus vaccine will be ready 'far in advance' amid cases soaring  
Elsewhere in yesterday’s press briefing, Mr Trump claimed the total number of coronavirus cases across the US is beginning to fall.
The Japan Times
· COVID-19 long-term toll signals billions in health care costs ahead  
Some of these long-term effects have only recently emerged, too soon for health economists to study medical claims and make accurate estimates of costs.
Financial Express
· BBC: How BBC grabbed eyeballs in India during the on-going pandemic  
With over 250 employees in India, BBC World service which broadcasts content in eight Indian languages, claims to have seen a rise in market share.
Washington Post
· Irksome in Iceland, brusque in Britain? US envoys draw ire  
In the Netherlands, Hoekstra previously irritated his hosts by claiming falsely that there were no-go zones in the country due to Muslim extremists.
Washington Post
· Wave of evictions expected as moratoriums end in many states  
Wood, 23, lost her job at a claims management company in early April.