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claim against Aleyhinde iddia
claim to fame Şöhret iddiası
laid claim Talep edildi
not claim Iddia etme
sources claim Kaynaklar iddia

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Malay Mail
· Under-trial Zahid denies taking court docs to then-PM Dr M, claims Feb meeting to propose govt without PH  
Referring to a photo that is now viral in social media, Zahid claimed that the photo was of a meeting where the presidents of political parties were proposing for Dr Mahathir to create a “Unity Government” without Pakatan Harapan parties DAP, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim-led PKR and Parti Amanah Negara, asserting: “That is the common point of agreement to start talks.”
· Protests could accelerate spread of coronavirus, experts say  
Some elected leaders have blamed the violence that has broken out at some protests on organized extremists, though so far they have offered little evidence to support their claims.
Yonhap News
· N. Korea encourages non-face-to-face services amid coronavirus fears  
North Korea claims it has no cases of coronavirus infection but has taken relatively drastic and swift anti-virus measures since late January to close its border and tighten its quarantine.