Haberlerde Closure

Örnek kollokasyonlar

announced the closure Kapatıldığını duyurdu
following the closure Kapanıştan sonra
temporary closure Geçici kapatma
until closure Kapanana kadar
until its closure Kapanana kadar

Yayınlar ve örnek cümleler

The Age
· 'Fallen on deaf ears': Education providers stressed by student visa uncertainty  
They also face further charges to secure new visas for Australia after being unable to arrive because of the border closure.
The Age
· Hotels acting as 'virtual Centrelinks': Hospitality industry calls for JobKeeper extension  
Restaurant & Catering Industry Association chief executive Wes Lambert said hospitality had had the most job losses of any sector as well as temporary and permanent closures.
Malay Mail
· PKB: Malay Agricultural Settlement Board has no more control over Kampung Baru  
In addition, the MAS Board will no longer be allowed to issue approval of development orders, building plans, engineering plans, building and land work permits, public road closures and building occupation permits.
Seeking Alpha
· Wall Street Breakfast: What Moved Markets This Week  
Retail closures
The Japan Times
· Getting the wheels back on Japan’s travel industry  
“July and August are peak tourism season for Okinawa, but schools are considering shortening summer vacations to make up for time lost during school closures.”
Malay Mail
· Was Muhyiddin afraid to table Penjana plan in Parliament for fear of rejection? Kit Siang asks  
“The best venue for the legitimate concerns from the various sectors of society about the government’s economic stimulus packages to be aired and addressed is Parliament, and the continued lockdown of Parliament is not only a continued denial of Members of Parliament from playing their constitutional role of parliamentary oversight and scrutiny of the executive to ensure a high quality of governance, but a closure of avenues for the citizenry to have their grievances heard and resolved,” added Lim.
The Guardian
· Contact-tracing and peer pressure: how Japan has controlled coronavirus  
Physical distancing measures exist in Japan under the Special Measures Act, but the government can only encourage people to stay at home; closure of facilities can be requested, but offenders will not be punished.
Financial Express
· Online classes only short-term response, need to make schools resilient to turbulence: Nandan Nilekani  
The rapid shift to teaching and learning activities online prompted by closure of schools due to the COVID-19 pandemic is only a “short-term response” and we need to fundamentally reimagine schools as a resilient system which can function under continuous turbulence, according to Infosys Chairman Nandan Nilekani.
The Guardian
· Tennessee voters must be allowed to vote safely – by mail – this November  
Droves of poll workers, understandably fearful of Covid-19, unexpectedly quit, resulting in the closure of 97% of Milwaukee’s polling places.
The Guardian
· Monzo customers shut out of accounts in lockdown  
However, Resolver, the independent online complaints resolution service, told Guardian Money it had seen a 153% increase in complaints about the company in May compared with April’s figure – with at least a third explicitly about account freezing or closure.