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coal industry Kömür endüstrisi
coal miners Maden işçileri
coal mines Kömür madenleri
coal mining Kömür madenciliği
tons of coal Ton kömür

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The New York Times
· Hydrogen as Fuel? An Italian Pasta Factory Shows How It Could Work  
While natural gas emits less carbon dioxide when it is burned than other fossil fuels, like coal and oil, many experts still say that its use in countries like Britain, Italy and the Netherlands may need to be sharply reduced if governments are to meet their increasingly ambitious climate targets.
Malay Mail
· EU pledges €40b for ‘just transition’ from fossil fuels  
Countries are already clamouring for a slice of the EU’s just transition fund, with 18 member states preparing to apply for support to wind down coal sectors, retrain workers and help carbon-heavy businesses pivot to greener activities.
· Coal remains huge global electricity player despite declines in U.S. and Europe  
The new IEA report shows why, absent tougher climate policies, coal will remain a huge player in global power markets despite its much publicized declines in the U.S. and Europe.
Seeking Alpha
· CSX Corporation Will Steam Through COVID-19  
The firm's freight revenue is derived from three business lines: coal (transporting coal, coke and iron to electric power plants and steelmakers); intermodal (linking customers to railroads through trucks and terminals); and merchandise (shipping to market agricultural and food products, chemicals, metals and equipment etc.).
The Guardian
· BlackRock to flag climate concerns at ExxonMobil AGM  
It announced at the start of the year that it would divest from holdings related to thermal coal and would focus on sustainability when making investment decisions.
Seeking Alpha
· In Energy 'Coal' Is A Four-Letter Word - ARCH Is Another  
The price of coal continues to decline.
The Guardian
· US lets corporations delay paying environmental fines amid pandemic  
One company, Virginia power provider Dominion Energy, settled and agreed to pay $1.4m for allegedly releasing 27.5m gallons of water from a coal ash impoundment that seeped into groundwater along the shore of the James River.
The Guardian
· Hadley climate centre turns 30: 'The human fingerprint is everywhere'  
In the Hadley Centre’s early projections, he said, scientists forecast 0.5C of warming in the UK between 1990 and 2020 as a result of emissions from oil, gas and coal: “We got it spot on.”
The Age
· Green Guide letters: TV and radio audiences have their say  
Hyacinth Bucket’s Sheridan was all about keeping up appearances, whereas The Insiders’ Sheridan is all about keeping up support for coal.
· Virus sparks record drop in energy investment: IEA  
Birol signalled in this regard a concerning jump in approvals for coal projects in Asia.