Haberlerde Coalition

Örnek kollokasyonlar

coalition forces Koalisyon kuvvetleri
coalition government Koalisyon hükümeti
form a coalition Koalisyon oluşturmak
formed a coalition Koalisyon kurdu
ruling coalition Iktidar koalisyonu

Yayınlar ve örnek cümleler

The Independent
· Killer Mike and T.I. sold out in Atlanta. Let's talk about why they did it  
Atlanta’s Housing Justice League, a coalition of Atlanta residents taking action against the violence of gentrification of multiple historically Black neighborhoods, has hosted public forums, teach-ins, protests and demonstrations, and even occupied a major section of downtown for several weeks to bring attention to these issues, which are all intricately connected to police violence.
The New York Times
· After Reality Star’s Death, Japan Vows to Rip the Mask Off Online Hate  
A coalition that includes Facebook, Twitter and the popular Japanese chat app Line put out a statement shortly after Ms. Kimura’s death saying that they would move swiftly to reduce personal attacks on their platforms.
The Wall Street Journal
· Israel Presses Ahead With Plan to Annex Parts of West Bank  
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s new unity government with former rival-turned-partner Benny Gantz agreed in coalition negotiations to begin the annexation process as early as July 1.
The China Post
· LA has seen racial uprisings, many not shocked by new round  
To see Los Angeles erupt in chaos for the second time in her life has been devastating, says Aurea Montes-Rodriguez, executive vice president of the Community Coalition South Los Angeles.
The New York Times
· Netanyahu’s Annexation Plans Meet Surprise Opponent: Israeli Settlers  
In his coalition agreement for a unity government with Mr. Gantz, Mr. Netanyahu won the right to proceed with annexation as soon as July 1.
· Once a radical idea, universal basic income is gaining support  
The issue of a basic income was at the heart of the coalition agreement reached between the Socialists and the left-wing party Podemos.
The Atlantic
· A Greatest-Hits of Graduation Advice From 19 Experts  
Katie Eder, the 20-year-old executive director of the youth advocacy group Future Coalition, noted that young people are often the group that sparks change.
The Age
· The riots shed light on an unhealthy situation  
One should not be surprised since this seems the usual policy response of Coalition governments to other serious social issues like climate change and tax reform.
The Age
· A public servant pay freeze is just the first shot in a long war  
In the nine years since the Coalition came to power, public sector pay rates in NSW have risen by 26 per cent, which matches the Australia-wide public sector average and is ahead of the private sector (24 per cent) and consumer prices (20 per cent).
The Guardian
· Assange misses court hearing amid calls in Australia for his release  
A coalition of Australian MPs, human rights advocates and journalists have called on their country’s government to intervene in the case of Julian Assange, who was said to be too ill to attend the latest court hearing of his extradition case.