“Coffin” in the news

Publications and example sentences

The China Post
· Peruvian families bury multiple members amid pandemic  
LIMA, Peru (AP) — The men panted from exertion as they climbed the mist-covered hill carrying a coffin with another body in Peru’s largest cemetery, where the dead from the new coronavirus are being buried.
The Diplomat
· Human Rights Watch Report Details Harm to Children, Urges UN Probe Into Philippine Drug War  
Karla, the child of “Renato A.” – a man killed in December 2016 – told HRW she hid behind her aunt’s coffin as a gunman fired at her father.
· On this day... May 29  
FORMULA ONE - Niki Lauda's coffin is seen during his funeral at St Stephen's cathedral in Vienna, Austria.
Al Jazeera
· Coronavirus pandemic exposes inequality in Ecuador's Guayaquil  
The body stayed in the house for four days, while Sanchez ran around the city looking for a coffin and a cemetery she could afford.
· The coronavirus death toll tops 100,000 in America. My father is one of them.  
Yet, even with those words typed out on the page, even with having placed dirt on top of his coffin, even with having helped my mother retrieve his wedding ring from the hospital, I can’t quite believe it.
The Guardian
· Colombian designers prepare cardboard hospital beds that double as coffins  
A cardboard hospital bed that doubles as a coffin may seem an idea as morbid as it is pragmatic, but as Latin America emerges as the latest coronavirus hotspot, doctors have suggested it may be an innovation whose time has come.
The Guardian
· First Thing: Twitter has started fact-checking Trump's tweets  
A cardboard hospital bed that doubles as a coffin could come into use in Colombia, after a team of designers came up with the morbidly pragmatic solution to potential shortages of hospital beds and funerary caskets.