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The Age
· Coronavirus updates LIVE: WHO issues stark warning, says COVID-19 is 'on the way up'; Global virus cases surpass 5.5 million  
Funeral workers transport an 86-year-old woman's coffin by boat after she died of suspected COVID-19 near Manaus, Brazil.Credit:AP
The China Post
· Death and denial in Brazil’s Amazon capital during pandemic  
Men in full body suits carried an empty coffin into the small, blue house where Edgar Silva had spent two feverish days gasping for air before drawing his last breath on May 12.
· Mourners gather for funeral of Guinean singer Mory Kante  
At a pre-burial ceremony on the grounds of a Conakry hospital on Tuesday, women collapsed in tears as the musician's coffin was laid inside a tent.
The Guardian
· Tips, links and suggestions: what are you reading this week?  
Grose noted that white-clad apparitions were ‘chiefly the churchyard ghosts,” and Defoe, in An Essay on the History and Reality of Apparitions, described the archetypal ghost of the era as ‘dressed up in a Shroud, as if it just came out of the coffin and the Church-yard.”
The New York Times
· He Died at War. The Pandemic Gave Me Time to Grieve.  
I kept the two pieces of the broken heart on my bathroom counter until two weeks ago, when I mailed my final letter to Diego in hopes it can be buried with him in his coffin.
The New York Times
· The Coronavirus Doesn't Mean We Can Forget Our Promise to Veterans  
“This is not the way my father deserved to go.” At the small ceremony they held for him there was no flag-draped coffin and no bugler to sound taps.
The Wall Street Journal
· Deprived of the Rites of Grief, Italians Search for Ways to Remember Covid-19 Victims  
From her home nearly 300 miles away, she watched via video call as a priest gave a blessing over his coffin.