Collapse en las noticias

Colocaciones de ejemplo

began to collapse Comenzó a colapsar
economic collapse Colapso económico
financial collapse Colapso financiero
following the collapse Tras el colapso
until the collapse Hasta el colapso

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Publicaciones y oraciones de ejemplo

The Guardian
· First Thing: Trump juked the stats over police killing black Americans  
Rugged individualism has limited appeal when death looms and collapse is all around.
The Guardian
· Labour suspends Brighton councillor over alleged antisemitism  
It links a member of the Rothschild family with what it claimed to be the imminent collapse of the German banking system and warned about the need to stockpile food.
The Independent
· Coronavirus, and the economic havoc it has wreaked, is causing a global conservation crisis  
On the ground, a collapse in tourism threatens to enfeeble the ability of national parks and local conservation groups to protect wildlife.
The New York Times
· The Wave of Gun Violence in N.Y.C.  
As museum curators and archivists stare down one of the most daunting challenges of their careers — telling the story of the pandemic, the severe economic collapse that came with it and the nationwide social justice movement — they are imploring people to preserve personal materials for posterity and for possible inclusion in museum archives.
The Japan Times
· Social media rumors prompt spate of bank runs in China  
Social media-fueled rumors about banks collapsing are popping up at an unprecedented frequency in China, forcing regulators and even the police to step in to calm depositors.
The New York Times
· The West Village: A Pause, and a Reset, for a Coveted Area  
But the bottom seemed to collapse this spring, when in-person showings were banned.
The New York Times
· Cardinal Theodore McCarrick and the Catholic Church's Abuse Problem  
But in 2018, his reputation collapsed in a rush of accusations that he had sexually abused adult seminarians and a teenage boy.
The Age
· Struggling arts companies vie for rescue money  
The applicants are thought to represent only a small proportion of the arts sector that is vulnerable to collapse, with NSW's latest coronavirus cluster setting back hopes of a rapid return to large-scale public performances by September.
Financial Express
· NBFC crisis a wake-up call for RBI: Banks must now be ring-fenced from non-bank affiliates  
The recent collapse of a number of NBFCs and MFs has once again brought home the dangers posed by an unholy and close connect between banks and their non-bank subsidiaries.