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collateral damage
collateral ligament

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· Vietnamese cops bust US$2.6 billion online gambling ring  
Players buy credit from agents who pay out in cash if they win, or give loans to punters on a losing streak against collateral like motorbikes and other assets.
The Age
· Brazilian hospitals are under siege as Bolsonaro laughs off 'the little flu'  
Bolsonaro has said repeatedly the collateral effect of lockdowns would be “much worse” than the virus.
The Guardian
· Surge in deaths in North Darfur raises fears of disastrous Covid-19 outbreak  
“We’ve seen from other crises like Ebola that the collateral effects are massive, we saw that measles went up, that maternal mortality went up, but the Sudanese government in many areas decided to close services,” they said.
Seeking Alpha
· Hoegh LNG Holdings Ltd. (HOLHF) CEO Sveinung J.S. on Q1 2020 Results - Earnings Call Transcript  
The negative development in the first quarter was there for largely driven by significant increase in cash collateral for hedging instruments related to our two NOK-denominated bond loans and Hoegh Galleons expected.
Seeking Alpha
· United Airlines Holdings, Inc. (UAL) CEO Scott Kirby Presents at Bernstein 36th Annual Strategic Decisions Conference (Transcript)  
We've also got over $10 billion of other available collateral, which we could use for the government loan or for other things or for other capital raise if we wanted to.
Seeking Alpha
· Boston Scientific Corporation, Inc. (BSX) CEO Michael Mahoney Presents at Bernstein's 36th Annual Strategic Decisions Conference (Transcript)  
And what needs to happen do you think in the coming weeks and months to effectively alleviate those patient concerns and kind of minimize the collateral damage of patients waiting due toCOVID-19?
· COVID-19: Retailers struggle amid uncertainties about reopening, recovery of sales  
Getting collaterals like photos and copy material could take weeks, especially if studio shoots are considered non-essential right now, he said.
· LATAM's bankruptcy filing to delay its Brazil bailout to at least July: sources  
LATAM's bankruptcy has also raised questions about the collateral on any bailout loans.
The Guardian
· Morning mail: China's 'killer blow', Palfreeman wins appeal, Adam Liaw ranks iso food  
The federal government has asked China to grant Australia the same reduction in bureaucratic trade barriers that Beijing has promised the United States, amid fears smaller trading nations might suffer “collateral damage” from a deal between the world’s two largest economies.
Financial Express
· Covid-19 crisis and India’s next government  
Without doubt, and this is a collateral benefit from the tragedy, we are seeing the birth of a new wave of political leaders who are young, smart, and committed to the country—everything the current crop is not.