“Colleague” in the news

Example collocations

colleague and friend
former colleague
friend and colleague

Publications and example sentences

The Wall Street Journal
· Music Labels Suspend Work on ‘Blackout Tuesday’ in Support of George Floyd Demonstrations  
In a memo to employees, President and Chief Executive Bob Bakish described it as “a day to focus our attention away from work and towards our community, as we stand in solidarity with our Black colleagues and loved ones in the U.S. and around the world.”
The Guardian
· Cluster headache sufferers face years of delay in diagnosis, study shows  
Sufferers often have trouble sleeping and holding down a steady job, because they are frequently unwell and suffer from fatigue and sometimes get irritated with colleagues and bosses.
The New York Times
· Lawmakers Begin Bipartisan Push to Cut Off Police Access to Military-Style Gear  
A pattern of “egregious police misconduct” has continued, Mr. Amash said in a letter to colleagues, “because police are legally, politically and culturally insulated from consequences for violating the rights of the people whom they have sworn to serve.
· As protests sweep nation, research finds social distancing most effective at slowing coronavirus spread  
Schünemann and his colleagues reviewed and analyzed 172 studies to assess how well infection control measures have worked to control COVID-19, as well as two other coronaviruses, SARS and MERS.
· The coronavirus has hastened the post-human era  
The company’s CEO joked that the “sneeksnap” command came in particularly handy when a colleague did something embarrassing like picking their nose.
Japan Today
· Floyd's brother pleads for peace; Trump says governors look like fools  
Officer Derek Chauvin has been charged with murder, but protesters are demanding that his colleagues be prosecuted, too.
The Independent
· Comedians: Home Alone, review – Brilliant, miniature satires on the way we live now  
Mortimer, playing the pretentious idiot Train Guy is making a mobile phone call to a colleague on a train.
· How a New York Paramedic Finds Moments of Self-Expression on the Frontlines  
Since Bonilla started wearing the braids, she has received compliments from both patients and colleagues alike, sparking inspirational conversation in otherwise stressful circumstances.
The New York Times
· The Metropolitan Opera Cancels All Fall Performances  
Most have gone on unemployment, and several members of the company said that some of their colleagues have had to give up their homes.
The New York Times
· Mass Extinctions Are Accelerating, Scientists Report  
The current rate of extinctions vastly exceeds those that would occur naturally, Dr. Ceballos and his colleagues found.