Haberlerde Collide

Yayınlar ve örnek cümleler

The Guardian
· ‘It’s hard to put the brakes on it. We doubled down’: Charli D’Amelio and the first family of TikTok  
It ends in a comic tumble as Dixie collides with her sister and loses her balance.
The Age
· On the streets of New York City, pandemic and protest collide  
The twin crises seemed to collide in that very moment.
The China Post
· US moves forward with plan to end wild bird protections  
Officials said in a draft study of the proposal that it could result in more deaths of birds that land in oil pits or collide with power lines or other structures.
The New York Times
· Your Short Film of the Day  
In Germany, Pal pioneered the image of cigarettes parading in military formation like a squadron of Busby Berkeley chorines, but he is best remembered today as the producer of special-effects heavy Cold War science-fiction classics like “Destination Moon,” “When Worlds Collide” and “The War of the Worlds.” A good deal less cataclysmic in its treatment of interplanetary relations, “The Ship of the Ether” is more like the Music of the Spheres as it celebrates the magic of sound traveling through the air.
Bleacher Report
· Adam Cole Ranks and Dishes on His Best Matches and Moments as WWE NXT Champion  
The age of Adam Cole in NXT began over one year ago when he collided with Johnny Gargano for the NXT Championship and emerged victorious.
The Guardian
· Friday briefing: Tracing system 'imperfect' until autumn  
The SMS Grosser Kurfürst sank “within minutes” with the loss of 284 men after it collided with another ironclad German ship while on a training exercise.
The Guardian
· German warship wreck off Kent coast given heritage protection  
“[The König Wilhelm] collided and tore a great big hole in the side of the Grosser Kurfürst and it went down in minutes; there was no chance for it at all.”
Seeking Alpha
· Open Insights: EIA's Weekly Petroleum Report (05/29/20)  
If the two collide, which will win?
The Independent
· Woman killed and six injured in high-speed police chase in Chicago  
The squad car also collided with another vehicle, from which all three passengers, a 62-year-old male driver, a 29-year-old and a 44-year-old, woman were injured.
· Curfews have a disturbing racist history  
Government calls for curfews came after spurts of property destruction and violence collided with several nonviolent protests.