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colonial era Época colonial
colonial government Gobierno colonial
colonial period Período colonial
colonial rule Regla colonial
colonial times Tiempos coloniales

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The Guardian
· Britain had a chance to talk about race 20 years ago. Let's get it right this time  
The UK shares much in common with other European countries that have never made peace with their colonial pasts, not least in how postcolonial populations migrated to the societies that their forebears made wealthy.
· Hagia Sophia the latest Muslim-Christian tussle over holy sites  
The French, a year into their 1830-1962 colonial reign, turned it into the Catholic church of Saint Philippe.
· The push to remove statues honoring Spanish conquistadors  
Workers for the City of Albuquerque remove a sculpture of Spanish conquistador Don Juan de Oñate, a colonial governor of what today is New Mexico.
The Atlantic
· The McGirt Case Is a Historic Win for Tribes  
The United States is, to a large extent, built on that haughty colonial presumption, after all.
· Skin lightening in South Asia is why we have an anti-Blackness problem  
When it came to employment opportunities for locals, the colonial government tended to favor fairer-skinned Indians over darkers ones.
Yonhap News
· Today in Korean history  
Korea's Red Cross, originally established in 1905 by a decree of King Gojong, had been merged into the Red Cross of Japan by the Japanese colonial regime.
Hong Kong Free Press
· The real struggle begins: As Beijing imposes mainland law on Hong Kong, how will democrats adapt?  
The anniversary also marked the first time since the handover that Hong Kong had to confront a reality its citizens have been struggling to keep at bay since the early 1980s when Chinese leaders announced their demand for Hong Kong’s return after 150 years of British colonial rule.
The China Post
· Q&A: US government not as prolific an executioner as states  
A: From the colonial days to the present, states have put to death more than 15,000 people, according to data compiled by leading death-penalty researchers M. Watt Espy and John Ortiz Smykla.
BBC Sport
· Workday Charity Open: Graeme McDowell shoots 70 on day three  
Prior to that he missed the cut at both the Charles Schwab Colonial Event and the RBC Heritage as the PGA Tour returned to action in June.
The New York Times
· Ragaa el-Gedawy, Cherished Star of Egyptian Cinema, Dies at 85  
She was born Nagaat Aly Hassan el-Gedawy (she changed her first name when she began her acting career) on Sept. 6, 1934, the youngest of five, at a time when Egypt was under indirect British colonial rule.