Comment trong tin tức

Ví dụ collocations

declined to comment Từ chối bình luận
no comment Miễn bình luận
not comment Không bình luận
public comment Bình luận công khai
refused to comment Từ chối bình luận

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· Abortion ban: Federal judge permanently blocks controversial ‘heartbeat’ bill in Georgia  
Create a commenting name to join the debate
· Coronation Street: Is Todd Grimshaw returning to Corrie? Why did Bruno Langley leave?  
Speaking out about his new profession, Langley commented: “I’m really happy being creative in this way.
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The BBC veteran's comments follow the Government's launch of a media campaign to generate a positive spirit around Brexit as the deadline approaches.
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· Rights group: Reporter jailed in Egypt dies from virus  
Egypt’s Interior Ministry did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
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· Chance the Rapper says he trusts Kanye West more than Joe Biden for US president  
The US hitmaker made the comments in a Twitter discussion about West’s forthcoming presidential run, which he announced earlier this month.
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· How problematic is Trump’s Roger Stone commutation? Just ask William Barr.  
It seems possible from Barr’s comments that it might be the latter.