Haberlerde Commit

Örnek kollokasyonlar

commit murder Cinayet işlemek
commit suicide Intihar etmek
conspiracy to commit Taahhüt etmek için komplo kurmak
did not commit Taahhüt etmedi
not commit Taahhüt etmemek

Yayınlar ve örnek cümleler

The Age
· COAG preschool review highlights 'adverse' effects of funding uncertainty  
The early learning sector has been nervous about the federal government's apparent reluctance to commit to long-term funding, with fears Canberra could vacate the space and leave it to state and territory governments.
The China Post
· States give few details on billions spent on virus supplies  
Three agencies have committed more than $109 million for personal protective equipment, but “a comprehensive number would be very difficult to ascertain because there is no single code in the State accounting system to identify PPE,” Bill Teets, a spokesman for the Department of Administrative Services, said in an email.
The Age
· Art galleries a picture of caution as lockdown restrictions ease  
Artistic director Max Delany said the gallery had, once lockdown hit, planned a six month closure so they didn't commit to exhibitions that would then be cancelled.
Seeking Alpha
· Scott Sumner On The Government's Response To COVID-19 And The Future Of Level Targeting  
Beckworth: That's a fair critique, that monetary policy hasn't done more, just narrowly defined as what monetary policy normally does; commit to a level target and buying up as many assets as needed to hit it.
Seeking Alpha
· Takeda's Approval And Other News: The Good, Bad And Ugly Of Biopharma  
Teresa Bitetti, President, Global Oncology Business Unit, Takeda said, “Through a robust clinical development program and ongoing investigations across the NSCLC treatment landscape, Takeda is committed to uncovering solutions for people living with devastating forms of lung cancer in need of new options.”
· Bring Brightness to Your Day With These Memorial Day 2020 Sale Finds  
While Vogue is committed to staying safe, we also strive to offer hopeful, optimistic content that highlights moments of camaraderie and exceptional acts of heroism from around the world.
Malay Mail
· Myanmar updates UN court on ‘confidential’ Rohingya measures  
In the past two months Myanmar has published presidential directives ordering government personnel not to commit genocide or destroy evidence, and to halt hate speech.
Seeking Alpha
· Compression  
We have also committed to keeping rates at this low level until we are confident that the economy has weathered the storm.
Financial Express
· CBIC clears Rs 11,052 cr GST refund claims since April 8  
In a tweet, the CBIC said it is “committed to ensuring liquidity to GST taxpayers especially MSME sectors during the lockdown”.
· 'I'm looking for the truth': States face criticism for COVID-19 data cover-ups  
The CDC announced it planned to separate the data and some of those states have stopped doing so or committed to change course, CNN reported.