Haberlerde Commitment

Örnek kollokasyonlar

lack of commitment Taahhüt eksikliği
made a commitment Taahhütte bulundu
s commitment S taahhüdü
strong commitment Güçlü taahhüt
s commitment Taahhüdü

Yayınlar ve örnek cümleler

The Age
· 'Early Christmas present': MCG tenant clubs get multi-million-dollar windfall  
The Age understands the deal was predicated on the AFL's agreement to meet an albeit reduced rental commitment to the stadium on the condition that most of the money was then passed to the clubs.  Copy example sentence
The Guardian
· The Mystery of Charles Dickens by AN Wilson review – a great writer's dark side  
Yet its last, highly personal section suddenly shifts your sense of Wilson’s commitment to his subject.  Copy example sentence
The Guardian
· UK car industry pushes for scrappage scheme to help buy new petrol and diesel vehicles  
However, a scheme that would incentivise the purchase of new diesel and petrol cars would run counter to government net-zero commitments and plans to phase out fossil fuel vehicles over the next two decades.  Copy example sentence
The Guardian
· Wednesday briefing: UK lifeline to Hongkongers  
Jonathan Liew says sports statements about George Floyd mean more for the brand than any commitment to social justice.  Copy example sentence
The China Post
· Australia police reject comparison to US over teen’s arrest  
“I think most of the community wouldn’t want to see someone who made a mistake sacked after making such a commitment to the community,” Fuller said.  Copy example sentence
· LanzaJet launches to make renewable jet fuel a reality  
The new company has launched with commitments from the Japanese trading and investment company, Mitsui & Co. and Canadian oil and gas producer Suncor Energy to invest $85 million to back the first pilot and development scale facilities that LanzaJet will be constructing.  Copy example sentence
The Japan Times
· Big brands make themselves heard on issue of police brutality  
L’Oreal, one of the world’s biggest cosmetics companies, tweeted Monday: “Speaking out is worth it,” and pledged a “commitment” to the NAACP.  Copy example sentence
The Age
· Private equity 'barbarian' KKR spends big and fast to avoid mistakes of 2008 crisis  
The coronavirus crisis has stifled the world's financing markets and this, coupled with $US58 billion in uncalled commitments from investors, means KKR has been spurred into writing unusually large equity checks for its recent buying spree.  Copy example sentence
· UK talks to 'Five Eyes' allies about potential Hong Kong exodus  
Britain has said it will offer millions of Hong Kongers visas and a possible route to UK citizenship if China persists with its national security law, a commitment Johnson detailed in a column for The Times and the South China Morning Post newspapers on Wednesday.  Copy example sentence
The Age
· Sydney cardiologist honoured with Fulbright scholarship  
Her grandfather's death from heart failure has galvanised Dr Bart's commitment to her work as she searches for the hidden causes of cardiac failure and personalised treatment in the genetic make-up of her patients.  Copy example sentence