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Пример словосочетания

community located Сообщество находится
community service Общественные работы
international community Международное сообщество
local community Местная общественность
unincorporated community Некорпоративное сообщество

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Публикации и примеры предложений
Liverpool Echo
· Over 120 jobs on offer at Merseyside food business  
Andrew Cracknell, Chief Executive of Tulip, said: “The re-opening of our site in Bromborough, which comes with significant capital investment and job creation, is great news for our business, the local community and our customers.”
The Age
· Lebanon blast alarms NSW residents living near ammonium nitrate stockpiles  
Keith Craig, from the Stockton Community Action Group, said the people in Newcastle were angry at the double standard.
The Age
· Pandemic impacts 'could push thousands more children into care'  
Mr Perusco said early intervention for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, who continue to be over-represented in child protection statistics, must be determined by the Indigenous community.
The New York Times
· Chanel Miller’s Secret Source of Strength  
The curator overseeing her project, Abby Chen, said the museum neighborhood is “very diverse and economically polarized, with Thai-American, Vietnamese-American and tech communities all nearby,” making the mural’s themes of trauma and healing vital.
The Age
· Top CEOs, directors call for clearer COVID-19 plan  
Virgin Australia chief executive Paul Scurrah has called for governments to provide a clearer long-term blueprint for dealing with the coronavirus pandemic amid growing unease within the business community about the impact of Victoria's harsh lockdown rules.
The Age
· Seventy-five years after Hiroshima, nuclear catastrophe remains a threat - and no one could help  
Too often, the international community has been unable to prevent foreseeable crises.
The Age
· Indigenous-run services given $50m to take control of Closing the Gap  
The federal government will partner with state and territories to help fund the organisations, which will be placed at the heart of new Closing the Gap efforts to redress inequality between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and the broader community.
The Age
· Border communities brace for latest Queensland lockdown  
Border communities and industry bodies are bracing for the impact of NSW and ACT visitors being locked out of Queensland from 1am on Saturday.
The New York Times
· Rashida Tlaib Holds Off Primary Challenge in a Victory for Progressives  
“My community responded last night and said our Squad is big.
The Independent
· Corruption brought Lebanon to its knees. The explosion was a coup de grâce  
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