“Complain” in the news

Publications and example sentences

The New York Times
· William Barr’s State of Emergency  
Mueller fired off two letters complaining that Barr had misrepresented his work.
The New York Times
· A Filmmaker Put Away for Tax Fraud Takes Us Inside a British Prison  
He was the sort of person who held people accountable, he says, so he can hardly complain that he’s been held accountable, too.
Financial Express
· Southwest monsoon hits Kerala today; check most affected districts; details  
The PTI report highlighted that the state Chief Minister has informed that those who complain of fever will be separated at the hospital entrances.
The Guardian
· The 100 greatest UK No 1s: 100-5  
Eric Stewart wrote I’m Not in Love after his wife, Gloria, complained that he didn’t say “I love you” often enough – not out of petulance, but to express his depth of feeling for her beyond the cliche.
Financial Express
· Modi’s economic package is spot on; here’s why it can’t be directly compared with other nations  
Pointing towards the government’s efforts to boost MSME, Surjit Bhalla wrote that it is being ignored by the critics who kept on complaining about the woes of MSMEs and the government’s heartless attitude.
The Independent
· Trump was rushed to secret underground bunker during George Floyd protests outside White House  
He also complained that the mainstream media are “doing everything within their power to foment hatred and anarchy”, and claimed that the protests were organised by “ANTIFA led anarchists”.
The Guardian
· England's first World Cup adventure was a voyage of the damned  
Every England player, while relieved at beating Chile, complained about the heat and humidity, with oxygen being made available at half-time and full time.
Financial Express
· Cricket in times of coronavirus: We need an alternative to saliva, says Jasprit Bumrah  
He finds it amusing that the batsmen keep complaining about the swinging ball.
The Guardian
· No pubs, no kissing, no flying: how Covid-19 is forcing authors to change their novels  
I can’t really complain, because never has an author been handed so much inspiration on a plate.
The New York Times
· Aggressive Police Tactics During Protests Are Under Scrutiny  
Many people complained that police officers across the country treated the crowds protesting racist policing with far less respect than they did the right-wing demonstrations in recent weeks against public health lockdown orders.