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complaint against
criminal complaint
filed a complaint
formal complaint
lodged a complaint

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Publications and example sentences

Malay Mail
· Cops: Woman with pink wristband in Ipoh eatery went to theme park, not Person Under Surveillance  
Ding said the investigation was carried out after the department received a complaint about a customer who was seen wearing a pink PUS wristband.
The China Post
· Ex-Trump adviser plans book on future of polarized America  
Hill’s testimony last year on Capitol Hill reinforced the central complaint of the impeachment inquiry — that Trump used his leverage over Ukraine, a young Eastern European democracy facing Russian aggression, to pursue political gain.
Seeking Alpha
· Altria: 8% Dividend Backed By Strong Cash Flows  
The suit has nothing to do with the marketing complaints that have plagued the company, instead they are centered on the fact that the company suspended selling their own e-cigarette products once they decided to buy into JUUL.
· It’s easier than ever to make hand sanitizer. But eased restrictions have come with consequences.  
There have also been complaints about odd-smelling hand sanitizers (due to lack of carbon filtration), excessive stickiness, and false claims by manufacturers.
Financial Express
· Sebi to auction properties of Royal Twinkle, Citrus Check Inns on Aug 14  
Sebi had received several investor complaints against Citrus alleging that directors of Royal Twinkle were now running their collective investment scheme (CIS) through Citrus.
The New Republic
· The Republicans’ Crimes Against Democracy  
The complaint largely translates right-wing claims about voter fraud into legalese, warning that the use of “unmonitored” and “unsecured” drop off boxes “allows illegal absent and mail-in voting, ballot harvesting, and other fraud to occur and/or go undetected, and will result in dilution of validly cast ballots.” The campaign also sought to overturn a restriction that only allows county residents to serve as poll watchers at their own county’s election site.
· How the Go-Go's Perfected Pop-Punk  
But that was the only complaint I had about that album was my voice.
Malay Mail
· Perak Health authorities looking for second woman with pink Covid-19 wristband caught on camera in Ipoh restaurant (VIDEO)  
“The Health Department has received a complaint about a restaurant customer in Ipoh who was seen wearing a Person Under Surveillance (PUS) wristband.
Liverpool Echo
· 'Ryanair asked me for nearly £300 extra after family tragedy'  
“They said the only two options I had were to pay the £90 each and move the flights, then write a letter of appeal and potentially get the £270 back or fill in a complaint form and they will look into it.
The Thaiger
· Dozens of Burmese, Thai workers demand back pay, benefits in Phuket  
They filed their complaint with the ombudsman’s office and the Labor Protection Social Security Office.