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complaint trong tin tức

Ví dụ collocations

complaint against Khiếu nại
criminal complaint khiếu nại hình sự
filed a complaint Đã nộp đơn khiếu nại
formal complaint khiếu nại chính thức
lodged a complaint nộp đơn khiếu nại

Các ấn phẩm và câu ví dụ

· Axios · Trump's new purge: Sources expect him to fire more inspector generals
Michael Atkinson, arrives in October for closed-door questioning about the whistleblower complaint.   Copy example sentence
· Vox · Trump has fired the intelligence watchdog who first flagged Ukraine whistleblower complaint
Michael Atkinson told Congress about the complaint last September.   Copy example sentence
· The Guardian · Insane, intoxicating Tiger King is perfect lockdown TV
Baskin has called the series “salacious and sensational”, which, given that it airs a theory that she fed her ex-husband to her rescue tigers, seems like a reasonable complaint.   Copy example sentence
· TechCrunch · This Week in Apps: Zoom has issues, Pinterest founder's new COVID-19 research app, record Q1 spending
1 app Zoom defending itself against a host of complaints over security issues, for example, while social video app Houseparty defended itself against a possible smear campaign.   Copy example sentence
· Vox · I’m disabled and need a ventilator to live. Am I expendable during this pandemic?
Already, disability rights groups have filed complaints that some states, such as Alabama and Washington, are making triage recommendations that discriminate against people with disabilities.   Copy example sentence
· The New York Times · A Tennis Coach Was Abusing Minors. Should the Sport’s Federation Have Known?
Yet SafeSport compiles lists based largely on action taken by federations, which is why the disciplinary procedures of those organizations tend to be the focus of scrutiny and complaints.   Copy example sentence
· The Age · 'I felt violated': Virus vigilantes record and dob in neighbours over virus rules
Neighbourhood Facebook groups are overflowing with complaints about people failing to comply with social distancing requirements, and return serves from those who feel they are being judged.   Copy example sentence
· The New York Times · Coronavirus in N.Y.: Live Updates
Bronx lawmakers said they were inundated with complaints from people who had not been getting their medications and paychecks during the crisis.   Copy example sentence
· The Independent · Coronavirus: Turkey seizes hundreds of ventilators paid for by Spain in move 'bordering on criminality'
He added he expected the national government to issue a diplomatic complaint about the issue, which he said was “bordering on criminality”.   Copy example sentence