“Complex” in the news

Example collocations

apartment complex
complex numbers
more complex
sports complex
temple complex

Publications and example sentences

Seeking Alpha
· Workiva: Time To Move Faster  
This is ideal because financial management projects are complex, and no vendor can succeed much in isolation.
Seeking Alpha
· Colgate-Palmolive Is A Buy  
I judge whether a stock is priced “right” or not in a few ways, ranging from the simple to the more complex.
BBC Sport
· Coronavirus: Snooker becomes the first sport to return to live TV action in Britain  
The venue for the indoor sport is important - it not only stages the matches but has an on-site hotel too meaning players, officials and World Snooker Tour staff are contained at the complex until 11 June.
· The Station: Amazon eyes Zoox, Aurora goes back to school and Cabana hits the road  
Aurora has hired computer scientists, engineers, physicists, and mathematicians to help in the complex task of integrating different hardware and software modules into an AV system.
The Guardian
· Coalition gave private pathology companies lucrative Covid contracts  
Private pathology argues that the testing is complex, new and extremely expensive, and that, before the increase, the subsidy was well below cost.
Financial Express
· Working from home? Four steps that can help you keep your data secure  
Changing password to something far more complex than just names or birthdays of family members is the most basic step in securing the home network.
The New York Times
· Karen Blumenthal, 61, Dies; Journalist Turned Young-Adult Author  
Just as her journalism sought to untangle complex financial subjects for adults, many of her books tried to show young readers how certain hot-button issues — gun control, for example, or abortion rights — evolved from complex social forces.
The Guardian
· Super League's best-laid plans for expansion halted by the pandemic  
For Catalans, the situation is more complex, as professional sport is currently suspended until September in France, meaning the Dragons will have to relocate their entire squad and staff from Perpignan to England.
The Guardian
· Being black while in nature: 'You’re an endangered species'  
“I have some complex equation that I have to figure out several times a fucking day.”
Malay Mail
· Taj Mahal damaged in deadly India thunderstorm  
AGRA, May 31 — A deadly thunderstorm that rolled across parts of northern India damaged sections of the Taj Mahal complex, including the main gate and a railing running below its five lofty domes, officials said today.