Haberlerde Conflict

Örnek kollokasyonlar

armed conflict Silahlı çatışma
came into conflict Çatışmaya girdi
conflict between Arasındaki çatışma
conflict of interest Çıkar çatışması
during the conflict Çatışma sırasında

Yayınlar ve örnek cümleler

· When police officers are told they’re in a war, they act like it  
For anything to change, there has to be annoyance and conflict.
Al Jazeera
· Who should try Rwandan genocide suspect Felicien Kabuga?  
She is the author of Courts in Conflict.
The Atlantic
· Trump Is No Richard Nixon  
Today, Trump offers only conflict.
· Iran says plane carrying scientist jailed in US has taken off  
The sworn enemies have also appeared to come to the brink of a direct conflict twice in the past year.
The Independent
· Chechen leader accused of mass torture and murder offers Donald Trump human rights advice: ‘End the mayhem’  
Ekaterina Sokirianskaia, director of the Conflict Analysis and Prevention Centre and an experienced observer of Chechnya, said US authorities had potentially opened themselves up to a charge of hypocrisy.
The New York Times
· Relaxing the Rules of Social Distancing  
Conflict could arise if somebody asks people over, and the person who is concerned about safety assumes their host is going to take precautions, and then they show up and there aren’t any.
The Guardian
· 'Words of a dictator': Trump's threat to deploy military raises spectre of fascism  
He thrives on conflict.
The New York Times
· His Family Fled Syria. He Didn’t Cry Until He Heard About His Sisters.  
For more coverage of conflict, visit nytimes.com/atwar.
The New York Times
· Getting Back to ‘Normal’ May Not Be So Easy. Crisis Experts Can Help.  
The assessment process of “what risks do I take?” reminds me of what I’ve done in 30 years of covering conflicts in war zones around the globe and teaching seminars for journalists to protect themselves.