Haberlerde Conquer

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attempt to conquer Fethetmeye çalışmak
conquer the world Dünyayı fethet

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The Guardian
· US says Russia sent warplanes to back Libyan warlord  
Tarek Megerisi, a Libya expert at the European Council on Foreign Relations, said Libya was probably witnessing the death throes of Haftar’s ambition to enter Tripoli as a conquering hero.
The Independent
· ‘No denying it’: Russia sent warplanes to Libya to back Haftar, claims US  
Mr Haftar, backed by the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and France, has fought a years-long war to conquer the oil-rich North African country.
Seeking Alpha
· Don't Fold Your Bets On Teva  
After it becomes North America's leading mental illness medicine provider, TEVA can conquer the rest of the world.
The Guardian
· How could Roman legionnaires march so far in sandals?  
How on earth did they conquer an empire without Gor-Tex and Vibram?
The New York Times
· Why a Biden Victory Hinges on Picking the Right Running Mate  
That might prove to be the single most effective way to head off the Trump campaign’s “divide and conquer” plan for progressives in 2020.
The Guardian
· Raymond Goethals: Marseille's messiah who toppled mighty Milan  
Two years later Goethals’ men finally atoned and became the first, and so far only, French club to conquer Europe.
The Guardian
· 10 of the best books about mountains – for a virtual climb  
Just three centuries ago, mountains and wild landscapes were revered but not seen as something to be conquered; now, each year, more than 350,000 people flock to the summit of Snowdon.
The Guardian
· Inside the Factory: Keeping Britain Going review – praise be to loo roll!  
King Kong conquered New York without wiping his jacksy.
The Guardian
· Rafael Nadal the beacon of sport's old power despite new normal  
And then, as if awaking from a deep sleep, he will return: the old fire in his belly, a new trick or two up his sleeve, ready to suffer and conquer all over again.
Seeking Alpha
· Facebook's Future Is Brighter Than Ever  
Facebook is currently marshaling its resources, or perhaps arraying its forces if you will, such that it soon will embark on its latest campaign to conquer the social media space.