Consciousness в новостях

Пример словосочетания

lost consciousness Потерянное сознание
national consciousness Национальное самосознание
regained consciousness Пришел в сознание
regains consciousness Приходит в сознание
stream of consciousness Поток сознания

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· Joe Biden running mate: Who will Biden pick for VP?  
Experts have noted he is angling for a progressive woman of colour to join him given the current shift in racial consciousness, a decision which could show he is prepared to make real change to the American way of life.
The New York Times
· In ‘Luster,’ a Young Woman Moves in With Her Lover — and His Family  
We don’t go to novels because they are timely, but because they feel timeless in their treatment of consciousness and emotional life.
· Beyoncé's 'Black Is King' Is A Sumptuous Search For Divine Identity  
But capitalist concerns aside, Beyoncé takes great pains to associate Blackness not just with literal kings and queens, but also with community, consciousness and greatness.
· How Trump should change the way journalists understand “objectivity”  
The notion that journalistic objectivity means, “I have no opinions, I have no consciousness,” is so patently absurd that it’s a straw man.
The New York Times
· The Reporter Who Told the World About the Bomb  
Today it exists as something of an artifact, a stunning work that nonetheless has lost the power to engage largely because the stories it contains have permeated our consciousness of nuclear war.
The Japan Times
· Sharing Hiroshima’s legacy in the age of COVID-19  
“So, how can we raise global consciousness of nuclear war?
· Leaked video shows first moments of George Floyd's fatal arrest by Minneapolis officers  
Newly leaked bodycam video Monday showed a frightened George Floyd begging police not to lock him in a squad car, shortly before he lost consciousness under a police officer's knee.
· The South Got Something To Say: A Celebration Of Southern Rap (1995-1999)  
Released at a time when Atlanta was still fighting to prove that the city, and the South, had something to contribute to hip-hop, Soul Food stood as an example of the consciousness the region was capable of.
The Independent
· What is heatstroke, what are the symptoms and how can it be treated?  
Symptoms of heatstroke include lack of sweat even if they feel very hot, a temperature of 40C or above, shortness of breathe, confusion, experiencing a seizure, losing consciousness and becoming unresponsive.