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consist mainly
consist of only
households that consist
train consist
usually consist

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Washington Post
· Ex-US diplomat Richardson to urge Maduro to free Americans  
The Trump administration has denied any involvement in the attack, which consisted of a small contingent of lightly armed men who were easily subdued when they arrived to Venezuela’s coastline on a few skiff boats.
Scientific American
· How a Small Arab Nation Built a Mars Mission from Scratch in Six Years  
Some aspects of oil wealth have created long-term problems, especially the UAE’s high-paying government jobs and its generous subsidies for citizens, who make up just 12% of the population (which consists largely of immigrants).
The New York Times
· Sudan Will Scrap Alcohol and Apostasy Laws, and End Flogging  
After Mr. al-Bashir was toppled in April 2019 following months of protests, his government was replaced by an 11-member sovereign council consisting of six civilians and five military leaders, tasked with preparing the country for elections after a three-year transition period.
· Brazil's offshore oil workers chilled by coronavirus outbreaks  
The decades-old platform consists of little more than shared bunk rooms, a dining area, a kitchen, a meeting room and a gym, according to one of the workers who spoke to Reuters.
Seeking Alpha
· The R.I.P. Portfolio's Q2 2020 Update  
portfolio consists of five different accounts: a Roth IRA, a Traditional IRA, and three taxable brokerage accounts.
Washington Post
· Retirement plan down because of covid-19? Here’s why you still need stocks in your 401(k).  
If you’re getting close to retirement (or any other spending goal, such as college tuition or a home down payment), you have good reason to be worried if your portfolio consists mostly or entirely of stocks.
Financial Express
· Gandhinagar railway station, with 5-star hotel above rail tracks, to be world-class! Piyush Goyal reviews work  
After the redevelopment of the Gandhinagar railway station, it will include a revamped building with the concourse area consisting of retail shops such as Shoppers Stop, Big Bazaar, etc., as well as food courts.
Financial Express
· PUBG Mobile goes strict on 'cheaters' with new feature; everything to know  
On the website, the developers clarify that the Spectating Program consists of three factors: host, game server, and spectator.
The Japan Times
· Being ‘offensive’ in the digital era  
This usage goes beyond merely shaping the environment, and consists of genuinely aggressive, pre-emptive actions to unbalance an adversary.
Sports Illustrated
· As NFL Players, We Face Unknowns Just Like the Rest of the Country  
You may ask: What else does an offseason consist of for an NFL player during COVID-19?