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constant pressure
constant speed
constant threat
remained constant
remains constant

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The Guardian
· John Hume obituary  
For years he had seemed indefatigable, but his health was being slowly compromised by the stress and strain of his constant travelling and daunting workload.
The Independent
· What is the latest Foreign Office travel advice?  
The FCO says its advice is under ‘constant review’
Washington Post
· ‘The Swamp’ looks at political reform through the eyes of an unlikely hero: Rep. Matt Gaetz  
Without quite lapsing into make-believe, “The Swamp” follows Gaetz during 2019 and early 2020 as he fights mightily (and often obnoxiously) to stave off efforts to impeach his buddy president, while souring on the constant demands to raise money from GOP leadership, which keeps him routinely apprised of how much money he “owes” to the apparatus.
· Lyme disease symptoms: Six lesser-known warning signs you may be infected  
“If Lyme disease is not caught early enough or treated successfully at its acute stage, the chronic form occurs presenting debilitating long-term symptoms including muscle joint pain and constant fatigue.”
Washington Post
· Power Up: Fight to elect first female VP supercharges conversation about sexism in politics  
Government researchers are also wary of political pressure: “Under constant pressure from a White House anxious for good news and a public desperate for a silver bullet to end the crisis, the government’s researchers are fearful of political intervention in the coming months and are struggling to ensure that the government maintains the right balance between speed and rigorous regulation, according to interviews with administration officials, federal scientists and outside experts,” the New York Times reports.
Seeking Alpha
· Tiffany & Co.: Investors White-Knuckling Through The Merger Closing  
Tiffany's second-quarter sales fell 44 percent on a constant currency basis from the same period last year, while LVMH's first half sales in its Watches & Jewelry business declined 39 percent over the same period last year.
· Social media has become the scourge of civilised society: What happened to good manners?  
Social media and the constant demands of the 24/7 news agenda and the need to be first, are a scourge on our modern-day public discourse.
The New Republic
· The Cyclical Psychology of White Supremacy  
Ball’s subject is his own ancestor, Polycarp Constant Lecorgne, or “P.C.,” who was a firefighter in that very station, a KKK member, and a violent white supremacist bent on tearing down reconstruction in post-Civil War Louisiana.
The New Republic
· How to Save Congress From Itself  
In the FMC report, ex-lawmakers complained that the constant pressure to hold campaign events and solicit contributions from donors left little time for actual legislative work.
The New Republic
· Remote Work Won’t Save Us  
They’ve successfully mashed work and leisure into one constant stream; a work message on Slack or a text message from your spouse look almost identical.