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constant pressure Presión constante
constant speed Velocidad constante
constant threat Amenaza constante
remained constant Permaneció constante
remains constant Permanece constante

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The New York Times
· While Navy Warship Burns, Sailors Are Forced to Bail Water  
Because of that constant concern, ships like the Bonhomme Richard usually keep about one-fifth or one-sixth of their crew aboard even while in their home port, enough to get underway in an emergency, or to field firefighting crews should the need arise.
Washington Post
· The one constant in Trump’s presidency: Tomorrow will be worse  
As the nation ricochets between chaos and calamity, the one reliable constant is the near certainty that things will get worse.
· Royal scandal: Could THIS royal lose his right to the throne?  
The ex-king is a constant presence in the Spanish newspapers who continue to publish details of the murky management of funds, something which even the Spanish Government has commented on as “worrying.”
Sports Illustrated
· JT Daniels, Jamie Newman Battle Feels Awfully Familiar for Georgia Football  
Or perhaps there's a constant question mark over whoever wins the starting job and we play a full season because if there is, you can guarantee that's exactly what will happen.
Sports Illustrated
· How Are The Browns Leading the League in Cap Space Despite Paying Out So Much in Salaries?  
Assuming all other expenses remain constant, the Browns would then have the $50 million in space and $50 million in rollover cap, giving them $100 million in cap space total to start out 2017.
The Atlantic
· How to Corrupt the Justice Department  
Keep a constant low buzz going about about the conspiratorial nature of the original investigation.
Seeking Alpha
· FAANG Stocks: Ignore These Distractions  
Constant media coverage of recent rallies in tech stocks has helped support the major equities' benchmarks and given investors an erroneous sense of security in troubled markets.
· Holidays: New destinations added to UK’s holiday exemption list including tropical islands  
“We are monitoring the international situation very closely and keeping this advice under constant review so that it reflects our latest assessment of risks to British people.
Seeking Alpha
· DraftKings: Possible Stirring Of Legalization In New York And BetMGM Pose Challenges  
Unlike MLB, theirs is a game of constant body contact, sweat droplets flying all over the place, constant ball handling.
Sports Illustrated
· Adonai Mitchell Commits to Georgia Football  
Today's announcement by Mitchell is the culmination of a lot of hard work and constant communication with Mitchell and his family on the part of Cortez Hankton.