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constant pressure Sabit basınç
constant speed Sabit hız
constant threat Sürekli tehdit
remained constant Sabit kaldı
remains constant Sabit kalır

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Seeking Alpha
· Why Inflation Matters And What To Expect (Part I)  
If country A's inflation rises, with all else held constant, then the residents of country A will find that imported goods from B are more attractive (less expensive), thus demanding more of B currency to purchase them, and less of A's.
Sports Illustrated
· Could Power Five Breakway be Coming Soon?  
The NCAA has had its issues for decades and has long been the constant punchline for jokes and ridicule over their handling of events.
· The South Got Something To Say: A Celebration Of Southern Rap (2015-2019)  
He rapped about the constant burden of carrying around lifelong trauma, but he also asserted his gift for turning those unfortunate circumstances into a brighter future.
· The South Got Something To Say: A Celebration Of Southern Rap (2010-2014)  
It was easy to write the group off in those early days — the buzz that surrounded it was so constant and so hyperbolic it became a distraction.
Seeking Alpha
· Technicolor SA (THNRF) CEO Richard Moat on Q2 2020 Results - Earnings Call Transcript  
Our adjusted EBITDA of €53 million, down 49% at constant rates, was impacted by lower business volumes in Film & Episodic Visual Effects and in DVD Services related to the COVID-19 business interruption.
The Guardian
· Tips, links and suggestions: what are you reading this week?  
Magrat123 has finished the new Jasper Fforde, The Constant Rabbit:
The Guardian
· Not the Booker prize longlist: vote now to decide the 2020 shortlist  
Jasper Fforde – The Constant Rabbit (Hodder and Stoughton)
· Princess Anne and Zara Tindall: 6 photos that show their special mother-daughter bond  
Judi told Express.co.uk: “Anne and Zara’s body language together defines them as intense sharers, with their matching traits of professionalism and their intense passion for horses; their competitive spirits that powered them both to Olympic glory, and their sense of what looks like doubled-up fun that is a constant aspect of Zara’s personality but less obvious in Anne until she is seen in her daughter’s company.
Seeking Alpha
· Merger Arbitrage Analysis And Spread Performance - August 2, 2020  
Upon conducting such analysis which Merger Arbitrage Limited does on a constant basis, traders could quite reasonably concluded the Tiffany deal was not in any significant danger of failing.
Washington Post
· How Margaret Brennan of ‘Face the Nation’ would spend a perfect day in D.C.  
“It is so constant,” says Brennan, who comes to the office on Sundays to film.