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contempt of court

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The Guardian
· 'Things fall apart': the apocalyptic appeal of WB Yeats's The Second Coming  
With his taste for autocracy, contempt for the masses and fascination with fascism (at least in its first decade), he would have been surprised to find his poem deployed as a spur for the defence of liberal democracy.
The Japan Times
· Team Trump puts spin above facts — always  
As always, it’s impossible to conceal the immense irony of Trump’s infantile impertinence: He won’t cover his face on film, but a figurative covering is tattooed across his entire being — one of diabolical deceit; fantastical fabrications; counterfeit condolences; and cretinous contempt for critics on a corpuscular level.
The New York Times
· Rules, Rescheduled Games and a Covenant Worth Preserving  
Many fans treat it with contempt.
Financial Express
· Daiichi Sankyo case: Singapore’s SC dismisses Singh brothers’ plea  
The Supreme Court of India had also in November last year held both the brothers guilty of contempt for violating its earlier orders that had restrained them from divesting their shares in Fortis Healthcare.
The Atlantic
· The Most Exciting Senate Race in America  
In 2008, when Republicans symbolically walked off the House floor over the Democrats’ push to hold two George W. Bush aides in contempt, Speaker Nancy Pelosi rushed to Harrison to ensure that there would still be enough lawmakers present to constitute a quorum.
The Guardian
· Dominic Cummings and Boris Johnson have wrecked something precious  
So marvel at the irony that a man who made his name denouncing hypocritical Westminster elitism and its contempt for ordinary people is now the face of it.
· Mrs. America’s many brands of feminism, discussed and dissected  
I wanted instead to suggest that my belief that women are human beings was not a part of my identity but attributable to some shrill, hairy-legged radical inside of me, someone whom I talked about with faint contempt but could not help talking about a great deal nevertheless.
The Independent
· Leave to remain for all migrants is integral to an effective coronavirus public health response  
If anyone believes or tries to defend this pathetic excuse they are treating anyone who has lost relatives to the disease, people who died alone because loved ones were abiding to the strict guidelines, and the whole of the British public with the utmost disrespect, disregard and contempt
The Guardian
· Social media best practice: guidelines for freelance contributors  
Do not post anything that could be classed as confidential and be aware of contempt of court issues if you are tweeting about an active case.
The Guardian
· Another threat looming in the fight against coronavirus: anti-vaxxers  
He said the onus will be on health care providers and doctors to not treat the skeptics with contempt, but rather to answer people’s questions with respect.