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across the continent
every continent
throughout the continent

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The Guardian
· Israeli police tear down anti-Netanyahu protest camp  
The outbreak is now one of the worst on the continent.
· Is it safe to travel to Spain? How to stay safe on your holidays this summer  
Tourists across the continent have been holidaying in Spain since, boosting the economy and bringing hope.
· Latin America virus deaths pass US as Spain lockdown blocked  
And with cases surging in Latin America, the continent on Monday had officially declared a total of 144,758 deaths, passing the 144,023 recorded in the United States and Canada.
· 'Not banned it at all!' China's latest medicine list STILL includes wildlife ingredients  
Though illegal to poach and trade, pangolin meat is prized as a delicacy in parts of China, which has led to the underground black market force-feeding the animals to increase their weight and price, and, in some cases turning to the African continent to solve the problem.
Washington Post
· UK tries new campaign to prepare public for Brexit  
Advertisements under the “The U.K.’s new start: let’s get going” campaign will warn British tourists to get health insurance before traveling to the continent and offer advice on how to take pets abroad.
Liverpool Echo
· Man City ensure UEFA's plans fails spectacularly to make Liverpool's life even tougher  
It means Pep Guardiola and co will be permitted to grace Europe's premier competition next term alongside Liverpool, Barcelona and the rest of the continent's big hitters.
The Rio Times
· Puebla Group Proposes Tax Reform and Basic Income in Light of Latin American Crisis  
It is also the continent most affected by the economic crisis caused - and exacerbated - by the coronavirus, with an estimated GDP drop of 9.4 percent in 2020, according to the International Monetary Fund .
· How Europe’s green pandemic recovery will push the rest of the world  
Europe, long the most progressive continent when it comes to tackling climate change, is doubling down on this ambition to revive pandemic-ravaged economies.