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Örnek kollokasyonlar

continued to contribute Katkıda bulunmaya devam et
contribute significantly Önemli ölçüde katkıda bulun
contribute towards Katkıda bulunmak
did not contribute Katkıda bulunmadı
not contribute Katkıda bulunma

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Washington Post
· Why teachers shouldn’t give kids standardized tests when school starts  
It makes no sense for districts to undertake separate social-emotional initiatives and separate diversity and racial-justice initiatives without upholding an approach to instruction and assessment that resonates with these goals — one that recognizes students’ whole selves, what they are experiencing, and how school learning can contribute to their sense of well-being, hope for the future, and contributions as participating citizens.
Washington Post
· Court: Hugo Chávez’s former nurse hid gold in secret vault  
AP Writer Aritz Parra in Madrid, Jamey Keaten in Geneva and investigative researcher Randy Herschaft in New York contributed to this report.
· What scientists are learning about kids and Covid-19 infection  
It also finds that asymptomatic infection was common in children, and “potentially contributed to undetected transmission.”
Seeking Alpha
· Defensive Funds For This High Risk Market  
In September 2019, I began contributing to the Mutual Fund Observer monthly newsletter.
Seeking Alpha
· Atlassian: Hitting A Wall  
From a growth contribution standpoint, Atlassian expects to see pricing/ASP increases contribute only slightly to revenue growth this year, though it was a major driver in prior years.
Sports Illustrated
· The Durable Legacy of Randy Logan  
John McMullen contributes Eagles coverage for SI.com's EagleMaven and is the NFL Insider for JAKIB Media.
Seeking Alpha
· MorphoSys FDA Approval, And Other News: The Good, Bad And Ugly Of Biopharma  
The company, in collaboration with its partners, has developed and contributed to the development of more than 100 product candidates.
Washington Post
· How Iran’s Virus Fight Is Tied to Struggle With U.S.  
After enacting movement restrictions, it was quick to allow people to return to work, in April, which may have contributed to the rebound in infections.