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Yonhap News
· PM calls for 'swift opening' of new chamber to pass extra budget  
With or without the opposition's participation, the assembly is on course to convene the opening meeting Friday as requested.
The Age
· China delayed release of coronavirus genome findings to WHO  
At the end of Tedros' trip, WHO convened another emergency meeting, finally declaring a global emergency on January 30.
· Into an American Uprising: Can You Hear Us Now?  
As protests and riots continue following the recent deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor, NBC News Now and NBCBLK convene a virtual conversation called Can You Hear Us Now?
The Verge
· The protest was peaceful — then the cops arrived  
As the young and diverse crowd convened at 4PM, speakers explained the protest was meant to be peaceful and not a chance to harm local businesses.
The New York Times
· Embattled at Home, Trump Finds Himself Isolated Abroad, Too  
On Monday, as if to underline the American president’s isolation, it was to the Russian president, Vladimir V. Putin, that Mr. Trump placed a call, in which the two men discussed the virus, trade and “progress toward convening the G7,” the White House said.
· From St. John's Episcopal Church to pandemic response, Trump is co-opting religion to keep the religious right on his side  
On the Thursday before Memorial Day, Trump spoke to reporters following his 20-minute video visit with thousands of conservative pastors at a round-table discussion convened by the influential religious-right political advocacy group the Family Research Council.
· How China blocked WHO and Chinese scientists early in coronavirus outbreak  
On Jan. 22, WHO convened an independent committee to determine whether to declare a global health emergency.
Al Jazeera
· Correa's trial is an attack on Ecuador's democracy  
The amendments were approved in a referendum, which the Moreno government convened and which IACHR and the Organization of American States criticised.
The Guardian
· Global report: Germany eases travel ban and cafe culture returns to Paris  
A group of more than 230 former world leaders, global health experts and economists called on the G20 to convene an urgent summit to provide a “strongly coordinated global response” to what they described as an unprecedented global crisis.
· Squabbling clubs overshadow Portuguese football's restart  
Once this week's games are completed, league president Pedro Proenca, a former international referee, is set to face his critics at a general assembly on Monday convening warring clubs.