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coordinate system Koordinat sistemi
coordinate systems Koordinat sistemleri

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The Guardian
· Palestine cuts off all ties with Israel and US: is it a bluff?  
A Palestinian official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said some instructions had been given to PA security agencies not to coordinate with Israel.
· Organ donations get wasted every year. That's killing people like me.  
OPOs are charged with coordinating how the most precious gift a person could give is recovered from a deceased donor and gets to a person waiting for a transplant.
Malay Mail
· EU’s Von der Leyen to begin ‘trillion-euro’ recovery battle  
Those countries were the first on the continent hit by the coronavirus outbreak that has killed 174,000 in Europe and exposed the divisions hampering EU efforts to coordinate a response.
· 2 Chicago police officers injured after breaking up block party  
The council’s experts called for a “coordinated” response to this threat and urged all 47 Council of Europe member states to develop common legal standards and implement training exercises to prepare civil security and health experts for a possible attack.
Malay Mail
· Covid-19: Appreciate behind-the-scene role played by CPRC personnel during Raya, says Dr Noor Hisham  
“A million thanks to all CPRC personnel nationwide for working tirelessly day and night, seven days a week, including on public holidays and weekends, to plan, coordinate and implement MOH’s preparation and response plans at headquarters, State Health Department, District Health Offices, hospitals, clinics and field levels,” he said.
The Rio Times
· Braga Netto, a “Let it Go” General in the Bolsonaro Government  
The cabinet meeting video illustrates his attempt to coordinate amid chaos.