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estimated cost Tahmini maliyeti
high cost Yüksek fiyat
low cost Düşük maliyetli
no cost Masrafsız
total cost Toplam tutar

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Seeking Alpha
· The Bond Markets - The Heat Is On!  
We have lowered interest rates to near zero in order to bring down borrowing costs.
Seeking Alpha
· Doubling Down On Qualcomm  
From the side of costs, QUALCOMM seems to be following a good trend of decreasing the cost of revenue and SGA while R&D is on the rise.
Seeking Alpha
· Bausch Health resolves Canadian securities class action for C$94M  
: 500-06-000783-163) have agreed to resolve the action for C$94.0M (about ~$69.0M), plus administration costs.
Seeking Alpha
· Evergy reaches deal with Elliott on new operating plan  
Evergy says it expects to invest ~$4.8B to upgrade its electrical grid, improve customer service platforms, reduce operating costs and increase access to renewable energy, with the aim of cutting carbon emissions by 85% by 2030 compared with 2005 levels.
Seeking Alpha
· My Expectation Of President Trump's Re-Election Leads To A Bullish Outlook, Especially For Energy  
Undecided voters are likely to vote for President Trump if they believe that replacing him will come at a substantial personal cost.
Seeking Alpha
· Mammoth Energy Services May Drag Its Feet For Some Time  
As the pandemic shrunk the market size by limiting demand, the company implemented cost restructuring, which can yield savings in the coming months.
The Guardian
· Finding my heart's purpose at 70  
I discussed the cost with my wife hoping she might put her foot down.
· Malaysia in talks with China over potential MOU for early access to COVID-19 vaccine: Science and technology minister  
“By doing this in Malaysia, we will not only be saving cost but hastening the process of the distribution of the vaccine to the people of Malaysia,” he said.
Washington Post
· Trump’s nonsensical answer about why Florida and apparently no other state can vote by mail safely  
There are also concerns that a top Trump donor now running the agency is cutting costs right before the election in a way that will make the job even harder.
· PS5 price update: PlayStation 5 fans delivered the worst possible news  
Microsoft are rumoured to be announcing their lower cost Lockhart console this month, while rumours have emerged that Series X pre-orders could be opening soon.