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city council Belediye meclisi
council members Meclis üyeleri
local council Yerel meclis
municipal council Belediye meclisi
town council Belediye meclisi

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Malay Mail
· Syed Saddiq says has undivided support of Muar Bersatu, contrary to what some division committee members may claim  
Similarly, the statement also claimed that Bersatu's strategic bureau chief and supreme council member Datuk Rais Hussin Mohamed Ariff supports Syed Saddiq as the party’s national Youth wing chief.
The Guardian
· Who killed Berta Cáceres? Behind the brutal murder of an environment crusader  
Desa’s trumped-up criminal charges against her and other leaders of the Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (Copinh) had failed to silence them.
The Guardian
· Saudi Arabia to co-host UN fundraising summit for Yemen  
The UN-recognised, Saudi-backed government, already weakened by Houthi advances, has been undermined still further by a split in its own ranks leading to the secessionist Southern Transitional Council (STC) taking control in the southern port of Aden, and some other parts of the south.
The Age
· Gyms, yoga, indoor pools and children's sport given a return date  
Children’s sports will also be permitted to resume from July 1, with organisations and councils given four weeks to prepare safety plans for the resumption of competitions and leagues.
· Deadlock as Qatar embargo marks three-year anniversary  
But in December 2019, Qatar's emir declines an invitation by Saudi Arabia to attend a Gulf Cooperation Council summit in Riyadh, sending then-prime minister Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al-Thani instead.
Al Jazeera
· Australian beach life at risk as environment drops down agenda  
The Australian Coastal Councils Association agrees that the country must act as soon as possible to mitigate the impact of erosion.
The Age
· Minister says 'no conflict to declare' in giving mate top court job  
In Victoria, appointments to the benches of the County and Supreme courts are made by the governor in council on the recommendation of the attorney-general.
Hong Kong Free Press
· Hong Kong must now rely on its own efforts to protect academic freedom  
The Hong Kong Research Grants Council – an advisory body – has several foreign experts on its panels.
· A Bangladeshi worker is dying from cancer. Singaporeans made sure he got his last wish to go home  
On May 19, she reached out to her well-connected friend, National Council of Social Service president Anita Fam, who decided that they should link up with the Migrant Workers' Centre (MWC).
Al Jazeera
· Minneapolis volunteers clean up streets after Floyd protests  
More than $2.4m has been raised to help those businesses rebuild, according to Lake Street Council, which set up a fund which will go directly to small businesses and nonprofits to help rebuild their storefronts, reopen their businesses and serve the neighbourhoods.