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across the country Ülke genelinde
around the country Ülkenin etrafında
country music Country müzik
cross country Memleket boyunca
throughout the country Ülke çapında

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The China Post
· Launch watchers return for 2nd try with patience, umbrellas  
“With everything that’s going on in this country right now, it’s important that we do things extraordinary in life,” Wight said.
The Guardian
· Cummings and Johnson evil geniuses? Hardly, just lazy and the incompetent  
Foreigners can sometimes see a country with the greatest clarity.
· Killer Mike's viral speech cuts to the heart of the nationwide protests  
So protests kicked up all around the country as the week ended, and along with them came looting, property damage, and outbreaks of violence.
The China Post
· AP Explains: Trump actions on Hong Kong just threats for now  
The president, in a brief Rose Garden appearance, announced a series of moves that included withdrawing U.S. financial support for the World Health Organization, in protest of its handling of the coronavirus outbreak, and the suspension of visas for some Chinese graduate students suspected of gathering research on behalf of their country’s military.
Financial Express
· 100% tapped water connections by 2021 - CM Nitish sets this ambitious target for Bihar  
With the country ravaged by the impact of Covid-19 and states starved of financial resources, the Nitish Kumar government has taken a big task of providing tapped water connections to all 38 districts in the state in a short span of time.
· New York AG to review videos of 'violent clashes' in Brooklyn  
Clashes between police and protesters erupted across the country Friday night as thousands descended on the streets, pleading for justice in the wake of George Floyd's death this week in Minneapolis.
Financial Express
· ICMR asks states to do sero-survey in high-risk populations to assess exposure to COVID-19  
Besides, the ICMR has also suggested testing press reporters,?migrant workers who have travelled back from urban and peri-urban areas to rural, tribal, hard to reach areas in the country as well as natives after coming in contact with returned migrants, industrial workers or labour force, farmers, vendors visiting large markets,municipal staff working in areas like sanitation, water supply, electricity, etc.
The Independent
· Who is Hunter Biden and could he impact his father's campaign?  
Despite no evidence of legal wrongdoing, the controversy was leveraged by Rudy Giuliani as part of a conspiracy to deflect from his own interests in Ukraine as well as President Trump's attempt to extract damning information on his opponent through his own withholding of military aid to the country.
· Cuomo: New York City to reopen June 8  
Why it matters: The city was the original epicenter of the novel coronavirus in the U.S. and has reported the most infections and deaths in the country, per Johns Hopkins data.