Country trong tin tức

Ví dụ collocations

across the country Trên toàn quốc
around the country Trên toàn quốc
country music Nhạc đồng quê
cross country Xuyên quốc gia
throughout the country Trong cả nước

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Các ấn phẩm và câu ví dụ
· Polish LGBTQ people leaving as post-vote mood grows hostile  
He sometimes considered leaving the country, but waited.
The Independent
· Coronavirus: US used pandemic as pretext to deport more than 2,000 unaccompanied children, lawyers say  
Instead, they were expelled on 24 July after three days in US detention and now live in Honduras with another uncle who is looking to leave the country himself.
Seeking Alpha
· Time For A Reality Check With A Side Of Gold!  
The politicalization of the coronavirus has produced a very dangerous cloud over the entire country as the November election nears.
Seeking Alpha
· The Impact Of The Pandemic On Developing Countries  
The COVID-19 pandemic has had differentiated impacts across countries.
Financial Express
· EsselWorld’s #showyourspirit campaign aims to promote optimism amid the challenging times  
With the country facing an unprecedented crisis over the last few months, EsselWorld along with Wunderman Thompson has launched a new campaign #showyourspirit encouraging people who have recovered from the virus to share their stories of reuniting with their families in order to spread positivity and optimism.
Financial Express
· India, Japan need closer cooperation in pharma, medical devices sector: Pharma Secretary  
Both the countries need to work together so that the opportunity which India presents is fully exploited by Japan, he added.
The Independent
· Climate crisis: World’s largest coal mine sees value slashed by £1.4bn amid surge in demand for renewables  
Meanwhile, countries still expanding into coal, most notably China, have done so at a rate lower than the closures elsewhere.
· Sturgeon economy crisis: SNP blasted for 'failing' Scotland with timid coronavirus plan  
Nicola Sturgeon’s own chief economic advisor has warned Scotland faces a “long haul” to fix the country’s economy following COVID-19.
· Tennessee GOP Senate primary sets up another establishment vs. insurgent battle  
He will make this decision, and this is clear: whoever he chooses from the very qualified options to help him win & unite the country, she'll be one too.
Financial Express
· India's COVID-19 recovery rate rises to 67.62 pc; case fatality rate drops to 2.07 pc: Govt  
There are 5,95,501 active cases of COVID-19 in the country, which as a percentage of the total cases has seen a “significant drop from 34.17 per cent on July 24 to 30.31 per cent as on date”, the ministry said.