“Course” in the news

Example collocations

course of action
due course
during the course
golf course
training course

Publications and example sentences

BBC Sport
· Northern Ireland: The checkered history of their early summer internationals  
Early summer international games have been kind to Northern Ireland in recent years, with important wins in qualifying games against Azerbaijan, Estonia and Belarus - along with of course that never-to-be-forgotten odyssey at Euro 2016.
The Guardian
· 'I'm worried I'm not going to get a job': meet the corona class of 2020  
With options for the former limited by the pandemic, experts are predicting an uptake in postgraduate courses over the next few years.
The Guardian
· ‘For climate protesters, we are like filth’: the German village where coal is still king  
In Lusatia, it has placed climate activists on a collision course with local politicians, the coal companies and the communities whose incomes depend on coal.
The Guardian
· Total Recall at 30: a thrilling reminder of Paul Verhoeven at his best  
Of course, Verhoeven is still making a Schwarzenegger movie, and Total Recall is one of his most purely entertaining, full of cartoonish violence, cutting-edge special effects and the types of one-liners that made Schwarzenegger a dad-joke Dirty Harry.
Seeking Alpha
· IBM Under Heavy Accumulation Since December  
Of course, the rest is history as the tech visionary engineered/invented portable, solid-state, wireless internet-connected, touchscreen, mass-produced computer gadgets from iPads and iPods to iPhones, propelling the stock to its $320 price in 2020.
Seeking Alpha
· Corporate Debt Out-Of-Control Or Smart Business: Part 2  
Consequently, existing shareholders do benefit from buybacks, and of course through greater dividends as a result.
Financial Express
· Maruti Suzuki share price jumps 4% as company’s sales engine restarts after zero sales in April  
“The Company’s showrooms opened in accordance with Centre and State guidelines in a graded manner across different cities,” Maruti Suzuki said in a press release adding that the remaining showrooms would open in due course if they are not in the containment zone.
The Guardian
· Monday briefing: 1m children will stay at home as lockdown eases  
The FTSE100 is on course to rise a healthy 1.3% this morning.
· Thousands face homelessness in Greek refugee relocation push  
The International Organization for Migration runs a separate integration programme, HELIOS, that offers language courses, help with job-hunting and accommodation support.
The Guardian
· Jeremy Vine: 'At the BBC you can have values but you can’t have views – that's how I operate'  
In the course of the tribunal, Ahmed made the unkind comment that Vine was “gifted” his primetime Radio 2 slot, but he clams up when I ask him to respond.