“Crack” in the news

Example collocations

crack cocaine
crack down

Publications and example sentences

The Guardian
· New York state: 57 police resign to support officers fired for shoving 75-year-old  
More than 50 police officers in Buffalo have resigned in support of two colleagues who were suspended after video showed them shoving a 75-year-old peace activist to the ground who then cracked his head and was hospitalized with severe injuries.
Seeking Alpha
· Macerich: 6 Reasons Why I Have Become Less Optimistic  
If the economy cracks again or few large tenants go belly up, the chances are VERY high that the next chapter for MAC is chapter 11.
The Diplomat
· New Delhi Nurses Protest as Cracks Show in Indian Healthcare  
But with the number of cases increasing daily and the threat that upcoming monsoon rains will bring other diseases such as dengue and malaria, cracks have begun showing in India’s fragile, understaffed healthcare system.
· “I’m deeply ashamed”: Another Facebook employee resigned in protest over the company’s handling of Trump’s posts  
While Zuckerberg has said he strongly disagrees with Trump’s “shooting … looting” post and that he finds the history around such language “troubling,” the CEO said in a Tuesday all-hands meeting that Trump’s post falls short of “being read as a dog whistle for vigilante supporters to take justice into their own hands.” The employee’s note sharply disagrees with Zuckerberg in that assessment, particularly because segregationists have used the phrase while cracking down on black protesters since the civil rights era.
The New York Times
· And in the Next Zoom Room, a Rat Doing a Striptease  
For an hour, you can interact with performers, piece together a jigsaw puzzle of a story, and crack a “Clue”-like whodunit, if you can even first out what they dun.
The Guardian
· Calls for local lockdowns as study finds R value above 1 in north-west England  
That doesn’t take away from the need that we spot and crack down on localised outbreaks.”
· Alexis Ohanian steps down from Reddit board, asks for his seat to go to a black board member  
As it continued its overdue campaign to crack down on violence and hate speech, Reddit brought in its first female board member, Porter Gale, last year.
· Some cities are shutting down transit after curfew. It’s a problem for essential workers and protesters.  
So tonight They want to keep protestors stranded so they can crack down or make arrests.
Al Jazeera
· NY officers face criminal probe for shoving elderly protester  
The two officers were suspended after a television crew captured a police officer shoving the man, who then fell to the ground and cracked his head.
· NFL stars ask 'What if I was George Floyd?' in powerful new video  
The players also had a message for the NFL and its commissioner, Roger Goodell, who cracked down on the silent protest of taking a knee during the national anthem against racial injustice in 2016 that was led by former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.