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craft beer Крафтовое пиво
landing craft Десантные суда
patrol craft Патрульное судно
pleasure craft Прогулочный катер
small craft Малое ремесло

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Washington Post
· Ilhan Omar: When I spoke out about systematic oppression, the Republican response was vicious  
We can’t eradicate our problems unless we put ourselves in the shoes of others and craft solutions that work for all.
The China Post
· OPEC and allies to ease cuts, allow more oil production  
They chose to stick with a production schedule they had crafted in a previous meeting which allows participating countries to produce more oil in August than they have in the past few months.
The New York Times
· U.S. Asylum Officers Denounce Trump Proposal That Would Block Asylum Claims  
“The most extreme in a recent series of draconian changes to the American asylum process, the proposed regulation dismantles our carefully crafted system of vetting asylum claims, and with it, America’s position as a global leader in refugee assistance.”
The Guardian
· Lacazette and Nelson deliver vital victory for Arsenal over Liverpool  
Only Salah really seemed to have the close-quarter craft needed to forge a clear shot on goal out of a series of urgent but repetitive Liverpool attacks.
Sports Illustrated
· Giovanni El-Hadi Elated To Be An SI All-American Candidate  
Specifically, El-Hadi mentioned that he has been focusing on perfecting his craft, improving his speed, adding strength and agility in addition to polishing up a few other aspects of his game.
· High-profile Twitter accounts swept up in wave of apparent hacking  
(Reporting by Chris Sanders and Anna Driver; Editing by Sandra Maler, Diane Craft and Aurora Ellis)
· Twitter accounts of Musk, Gates apparently hacked  
(Reporting by Chris Sanders and Anna Driver; Editing by Sandra Maler and Diane Craft)
· Sound On: China Sanctions, 2020, Covid (Podcast)  
Guests: Josh Wingrove, Bloomberg White House Reporter, Doug Heye, Senior Vice President of Media at Craft Media & Digital, Kristen Hawn, Democratic Strategist, and Senior Advisor at Rokk Solutions, and Steven Kyle, associate professor in the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management at Cornell University.
· This Italian Instagram Is Turning Fast Food Wrappers Into Iconic Handbags  
For those who love the noughties shoulder bag look, there is a Fendi baguette meticulously crafted out of a McDonald’s brown bag, complete with the fast food company's Golden Arch logo acting as the buckle.