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Ví dụ collocations

craft beer Bia thủ công
landing craft Tàu đổ bộ
patrol craft Tàu tuần tra
pleasure craft Niềm vui nghề
small craft Thủ công nhỏ

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Scientific American
· Polynesians and Native South Americans Made 12th Century Contact  
As he explained a few years later in the documentary of the same name, Heyerdahl was convinced that indigenous people from South America had used a similar craft to settle Polynesia.
Yonhap News
· LG Electronics unveils homebrewing machine at affordable price  
LG said it hopes that the latest machine can attract solo drinkers and craft beer lovers who are reluctant to visit pubs and bars amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
· Pokemon Go Jessie and James get their own Meowth Balloon, join Giovanni invasion  
Collect 6 Mysterious Components to craft a Rocket Radar.
Washington Post
· Investigation rebukes Commerce Department for siding with Trump over forecasters during Hurricane Dorian  
The Commerce Department inspector general issued a delayed and harshly critical report laying out how political pressure originating from the White House resulted in the issuance of a poorly crafted and unsigned National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) statement on Sept. 6, 2019.
The Age
· WA footy fans get first taste of new Optus Stadium brew as AFL returns west  
Gage Roads head brewer Ross Brown with the craft brewery's range of beers on tap at Optus Stadium this year.
The New York Times
· Lawsuits Aim to Block DeVos’s New Sexual Misconduct Rules  
“A hasty rush to ‘get into compliance’ by Aug. 14 will almost assuredly negatively affect the quality of the policies and procedures that institutions scramble to craft in order to meet the arbitrarily set deadline,” the institutions wrote.
The New York Times
· Storm King Reopens for the Art-Starved  
Ms. Tuttle has gathered boulders from Storm King’s property, most of them about knee-height, and placed them around the clearing with a contrapuntal casualness; resting on each boulder are delicate sculptures of rocks, crafted in the artist’s studio from milky glass or solid marble, and arranged with the same tossed-off elegance as the boulders themselves.
· Engagement Gift Ideas for Couples in Quarantine  
A set of scented candles or an impeccably crafted quilt like the one below can instantly upgrade homes of any size—without overwhelming them.
The Guardian
· Netflix or Hill? The standups streaming on rival service NextUp  
(This week, she was announced as the presenter of a new children’s craft series on ITV.)
· 17 Menswear Designers Reflect on a Spring 2021’s Reset  
“Refinement of footwear reflecting purity and essentialism we have been crafting for quite some time, taking form as the NC.1 [shoe] in shale.