“Cripple” in the news

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· 'Cook Off': the Zimbabwe film that defied all odds to reach Netflix  
The daily limit was $20 (18 euros) -- not even enough for bottled water in a country crippled by hyper-inflation.
· Trump cuts ties with WHO as pandemic grips Latin America  
The surge in the Americas comes as the number of infections continues to fall in much of Europe, which is pressing on down the path to economic re-opening after months of crippling lockdowns.
The Japan Times
· Trump’s ‘looting, shooting’ tweet echoes 1960s Miami police chief  
Sharpton said Trump’s “race-tinged” comments reminded him of Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley calling on police “to shoot to kill” arsonists and “maim or cripple” looters in the April 1968 riots in the city following the assassination of the Rev.
Malay Mail
· Trump cuts ties with WHO mid-pandemic, as Europe speeds reopening  
As Europe speeded along the path to reopening after months of crippling lockdowns, Trump's move is likely to spark dismay, especially in other parts of the world where the outbreak has yet to reach its peak.
· Why Big Tech isn’t fighting Trump in public this time  
Earlier this week, the president of the United States signed an order that’s meant to cripple many of America’s most powerful internet companies.
Seeking Alpha
· No Dividend Cuts, And 8 Dividend Increases In The COVID-19 Crisis  
Obviously, the energy sector has been crippled.
The Verge
· The United States will cut ties with the World Health Organization, says President Trump  
Removing funding could cripple global health efforts