Haberlerde Cripple

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The Atlantic
· A Nation Without Law, Order, or Justice  
The bombast hides the fundamental truth that the president is a coward, so crippled by the fear of appearing weak that he screams for blood from the safety of his darkened White House, emerging only to gas peaceful protesters and clergymen in an attempt to look strong.
· George Floyd killing shows 'true face' of US: Iran's Khamenei  
Tensions between Tehran and Washington escalated sharply in 2018, after Trump unilaterally withdrew the US from a landmark nuclear agreement and reimposed crippling sanctions.
The Wall Street Journal
· Coronavirus Crisis Dents Salaries, Not Stock Awards, for Many CEOs  
But in March and April many took large cuts to their salaries after the deadly virus crippled global commerce.
· Joy in Gaza as mosques reopen after pandemic closure  
Gaza is ruled by Islamist movement Hamas, a foe of Israel, which has held the strip under a crippling blockade since 2007.
Seeking Alpha
· Apple Looks To Fix Past Mistakes, While AT&T's HBO Max Seems Destined To Repeat Them  
The COVID-19 pandemic has crippled productions and delayed numerous projects.
· The race to make coronavirus testing as easy as a pregnancy test  
The slow rollout of testing “has crippled us from making more progress and opening up the economy,” says Ryan Demmer of the division of epidemiology and community health at the University of Minnesota.
Yonhap News
· (2nd LD) Unification minister holds videoconference with WFP chief  
The videoconference comes as North Korea is facing chronic food shortages caused by crippling global sanctions and unfavorable weather.
The Independent
· Coronavirus: Italy reopens borders to tourists  
It now faces its deepest recession since the Second World War, as the lockdown decimated numerous industries and crippled the economy.