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economic crisis Ekonomik kriz
financial crisis Finansal kriz
hostage crisis Rehin krizi
oil crisis Petrol krizi
political crisis Politik kriz

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Seeking Alpha
· Exxon Mobil: Why Green Technological Innovations Will Likely Lead To A Stock Price Rally  
Congress, through the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis on June 30, 2020, proposed further research on carbon dynamics and sustainability of biomass.
The Guardian
· Boris Johnson defends refusal to suspend Tory MP accused of rape  
On Tuesday, a coalition of charities and trade unions – including Women’s Aid, Rape Crisis England & Wales, the Fawcett Society, as well as the TUC and Unite – added to the pressure on the Tories, not only urging them to withdraw the whip but also asking Commons authorities to suspend the MP from parliament so he cannot enter the estate.
The Independent
· Climate crisis: Out-of-control wildfires in Arctic circle released more CO2 in two months than whole of 2019  
Also in Canada, a temperature of 33C was recorded north of the Arctic circle, highlighting the impact of the Arctic amplification phenomenon in which temperatures in northern polar regions have risen at least twice as fast as other parts of the globe amid the climate crisis.
The Age
· European countries scramble to halt second COVID-19 wave  
Austria has weathered the coronavirus crisis quite well so far, but saw infections increase with the summer holiday season.
· Phoenix has become the top individual advertising market in the 2020 White House race  
And his coronavirus school plan specifically calls for increased funding for public schools and child-care providers, alongside four other main planks: getting the spread of the virus under control, creating new national guidelines while allowing localities to make the ultimate decision, develop best practices on virtual and hybrid learning, and taking steps to ensure equal access to quality education during the crisis.
· Pension: Savings as important as a retirement pot for many Britons  
However, the lockdown crisis has clearly made many people reevaluate their methods of saving more generally.
Seeking Alpha
· Global Partners LP (GLP) CEO Eric Slifka on Q2 2020 Results - Earnings Call Transcript  
Our business, like many others across the country, is navigating the economic downturn created by the worst public health crisis in a century.
The New York Times
· An Italian Natural Wine Producer Is Swept Up in Her Father’s Migrant Worker Scandal  
“I am outraged by the working conditions my father is accused of creating at this farm, and he should be punished if he did what he is accused of,” she said in a statement from Goldin Solutions, a crisis public relations firm in New York.
· UFO sighting: News broadcast captures ’alien craft’ over ‘UFO hotspot’ Area 51 - claim  
The video segment features Cynthia McFadden of NBC News discussing the water crisis affecting the Navajo people in Arizona, where at least 30 percent of the houses on the reservation lack running water.
Seeking Alpha
· Tanger Factory Outlet Centers (SKT) CEO, Steven Tanger on Q 2020 Results - Earnings Call Transcript  
As disclosed last quarter, our board of directors has decided to temporarily suspend dividend distributions to provide additional flexibility and liquidity through this crisis.