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Technology Org
· Problems with alcohol? 29 gene variants may explain why  
The researchers looked for shared genetic variants among those who met criteria for problematic alcohol use, including alcohol use disorder and alcohol use with medical consequences.
The Japan Times
· Some parts of Japan reopening faster than others after virus emergency  
Restrictive measures in Tokyo will be lifted based on seven criteria monitored over a two-week basis, including the ratio of new and untraceable cases and how those numbers compare to the previous week.
The Age
· The forgotten sectors: Diminished vision for arts and universities  
So, either more money will be spent in giving nationwide access to vocational education, or less money will be subsidised to individuals, creating more bureaucratic inequality through arbitrary criteria, as we are seeing with JobKeeper eligibility.
· Cathay Innovation's first investment in Germany is healthcare startup Medwing  
Unlike traditional staffing sites, which search for applicants based on recruiters’ criteria, Medwing does the opposite and filters recruiters according to candidates’ preferences on whether the position is flexible or permanent, part-time or full-time.
Malay Mail
· Brazil stands by hydroxychloroquine despite WHO suspending trials  
“It wasn't a clinical trial, it was just a data set collected from different countries, and that doesn't meet the criteria of a methodologically acceptable study to serve as a reference for any country in the world, including Brazil,” she said.
Yonhap News
· Samsung unveils new security chip with upgraded data protection solution  
The company said its latest chip is common criteria evaluation assurance level (CC EAL) 6+ certified, the highest level acquired by a mobile component.
Seeking Alpha
· CEL-SCI: What's Next  
Basic internet searches will not provide the exclusion/inclusion criteria that are needed to determine the estimated OS.
The New York Times
· California Churches Reopening: State Issues Guidelines for Places of Worship  
Gavin Newsom announced that state health officials would relax their criteria for counties that want to reopen their economies faster, provided that they meet public health guidelines.
Financial Express
· Covid effect: MSME definition to be widened further, here's what Centre planning  
Days after announcing a new set of criteria to define micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) on which various official benefits will be extended, the government is considering a proposal to widen the definition again — a crucial move that will potentially benefit several thousands of firms.
Financial Express
· Bihar, Jharkhand transfer via apps Rs 1,000 each to 21 lakh migrant workers  
The states identified few qualifying criteria to narrow the target for direct benefit transfer (DBT).