“Critic” in the news

Example collocations

art critic
film critic
literary critic
music critic
outspoken critic

Publications and example sentences

The New York Times
· Keep Politics Out of Reopening Houses of Worship  
Re “The Star of the City Sells Itself,” by Michael Kimmelman (Critic’s Notebook, Arts pages, May 7):
The New York Times
· ‘Ramy’ and the New American Muslims of TV  
Critic’s Notebook
The New York Times
· ‘Genius’ or ‘Amoral’? Artist’s Latest Angers Indigenous Canadians  
But still, that sentiment had not prepared even some of Mr. Trudeau’s sharpest critics for a painting by the celebrated Canadian Cree artist, Kent Monkman.
The Guardian
· Dominic Cummings' lockdown trip: what critical Tory MPs say  
Critics of PM’s chief aide range from former ministers to some of party’s latest intake
The Guardian
· Why is the BBC bending to the government's definition of impartiality?  
The problem with impartiality as a standard for journalism is not simply that it eludes precise definition: hoisting it as your only standard sets a trap that is easily exploited by bad-faith critics who regard the reporting of unwelcome facts as self-evident proof of bias.
The New York Times
· Playing by the Rules: Dutch Leader Offers a Sober Contrast in a Brash Era  
While the economy has thrived, his critics have scolded him for squeezing the salaries of nurses, teachers and farmers.
The New York Times
· 11 New Books We Recommend This Week  
“It’s rare for a 600-page economic history to move swiftly along currents of lucidity and wit, and this happens to be one of them,” our critic Jennifer Szalai writes.
· Going to war with Twitter, Trump threatens critical social media legal protections  
While Trump’s executive order may prove toothless, there is some appetite for dismantling Section 230 among tech’s critics in Congress — a branch of the government with much more power to hold companies accountable.
The New York Times
· Practicing Architecture in a Pandemic  
(Robert A.M. Stern, then dean of Yale’s School of Architecture, pronounced himself “very disappointed.”) And the resulting new MoMA has not been uniformly well-received (Michael Kimmelman, architecture critic for The New York Times, called it “smart, surgical, sprawling and slightly soulless.”)
The Guardian
· ‘A battery drain on my mind, body and soul’: Warwick Thornton on why he needed to escape in The Beach  
The second most striking thing about The Beach, at least from this critic’s perspective, is how beautifully shot it is – even when Thornton and River explore only the small space inside the shack.